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New Lenovo laptops to feature Ryzen 7 4800U and Ryzen 5 4600U

Competitions in the market are persistent. Be it something to do with the constant string of new devices of even the hardware or software that goes into it. Brands are always looking for something new and the latest technological innovations in their devices. The new laptops from Lenovo is expected to be launched with Ryzen 7 4800U and Ryzen 5 4600U chipset instead of Intel and that has irked few minds.

lenovo ideapad slim 7 14-inch amd ryzen 4000

It is new news that AMD has been constantly getting ahead of their game by introducing new features and functions with their Renoir architecture. The brand has been constantly bragging about its U-series siblings which was not something anyone expected.

Keeping that aside, the company has also further announced their upgrades of the ThinkPad laptops with the Ryzen 4000 chipsets and the brand has now finally shared some inside details and insights about these specific APUs and their power.

lenovo 4000 series ryzen cinebench r15 score

While these APUs still need to undergo the normal user testing, the brand has already claimed that the Ryzen 5 4600U can average at a stoke of 1300 points in Cinebench R15 Multi, which is nothing short of crazy. If this actually does prove out to be true, it is likely going to leave behind every single Intel processor available in the market at the moment.

Aside from that, Lenovo has also claimed that the Ryzen 7 4800U, the other chipset configuration, has the capability of maintaining over 1550 points, which again, is nothing short of crazy at the moment. This is what matches up to the level of the i9-9980H chipset.

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Lenovo also does clarified for a fact that these numbers mentioned are just for reference at the moment. They were achieved after checking the performance levels on not just the engineering models but also the performance models as well.

They claim that even if the actual performance of these new devices reduce by 20% of these claims, these APUs are still better than a lot of the other ones that are already available in the market.

With the marketing poster that Lenovo has come out with, the brand seems to be quite proud of these new inclusions in their devices. The poster of the dragon with the 8-threaded configuration submitting to a 16-threaded one is nothing but a complete marketing genius.

For quick reference, Lenovo clarified that the numbers that they have shared have been achieved with the Xiaoxin Pro 13, a device that is not available for purchase in the markets anymore. But, this device does draw a lot of similarities to the available ThinkBook and IdeaPad, so it is not a surprise at all that the brand has been working on a beast during these months.

The Ryzen 4000-U series versions from Lenovo are likely going to be revealed this year.

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