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New laptops equipped with Intel 10th Gen CPUs and NVIDIA SUPER GPUs launching in April

While there has been a constant hype surrounding the devices combining the Intel 10th Gen CPUs And NVIDIA SUPER GPUs, recent reports suggest that they are going to be launched in April, specifically on April 02, 2020. The same devices are expected to be available for purchase by April 15th, 2020.

These devices are believed to take the prospects of the gaming laptops to the next level. For the gamers who have been meaning to buy a new laptop, we would suggest that they wait for a few more weeks and then get their hands on this gigantic launch that is expected in April.

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With the tentative dates set for the first and the second week of April for the launch and sale respectively, it is believed that these are going to be the final dates unless Intel and NVIDIA decides to intervene and change them.

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is a probable roadblock during the launch, which is one of the reasons why experts are skeptical whether or not the launch will go around smoothly. But, sources have clarified that the chances of that happening are slim to none and it is likely that the process will move ahead as planned.

The combination of the processors from Intel and the GPUs from NVIDIA is expected to take the overall gaming and general user experience to the next level without any compromise. For further updates, it is important that you do keep your eyes peeled.

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