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New Apple MacBook Pro may come with upgraded 14-inch display

Apple is a tech giant that is known for updating their product list every single year. With newer additions to their already existing chain or products or even with the introduction of a few other available upgrades, it is not unlikely for people to not await for Apple has in store for them.

design apple macbook pro

New reports and leaks suggest that the new Apple MacBook Pro may come with an upgraded 14-inch display and that too pretty soon. If you have been awaiting the same for quite some time now, it is likely that you wait is going to come to an end next week, if the rumors are to be believed.

Apple has upgraded their prior devices in the MacBook range with some of the display upgrades or the overall build and design and the MacBook Pro is likely the next on the list and the upgraded 14-inch display is something you are going to lose your mind over.

While there was sparse updates around the same priory, it is likely that we now have a little more information around this MacOS powered device.

The reports and the rumors have been issued by technology leaker, Jon Prosser, who is known for his authentic information surrounding the latest technological breakthroughs. He took to Twitter quoting the pre-production model number J223 and announced that the Macbook Pro with the 13” inch model is likely going to come next month.

Jon Prosser then followed up that tweet saying that the same is the refreshed version of the current 13” model and that the upgraded 14” display is likely going to follow through next.

The possible upgrade of the smaller Macbook of the 13” going up to 14” will not just fit into the design ethos but provide with extra display for an even better visual experience for the users.

But, it is not just the screen size that the users are most excited about. The overall change and shift to the keyboard is also another breakthrough that is likely going to follow. After five years with the dreadful Butterfly style keyboard that the users grew to hate, Apple has finally taken their views into consideration.

The keyboard is going to be switched with the switch based “Magic keyboard” that was available in the initial days of the MacBook. The new MacBook Pro is also expected to come powered with the latest Intel Ice lake chipset just because MacBook Air is going to sport them.

The tentative dates for the launch are a big looming question. While there were rumors of the same coming out in the end of May, there are reports that suggest that the same could be pushed to June. But, majority of the experts believe that the launch is going to come around in May instead.

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