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MSI P65 Creator – MSI’s Latest Launch is Almost a Soul Mate for the Creatively Inclined

Creativity is unrestrained; when a creative thought strikes, you hate to be interrupted or restricted by a device that’s too hot, out of power, or simply too dull and slow to match the speed of your ideas. If you can relate to this unbridled pool of creativity—design, photography, animation—then the all-new MSI P65 Creator is just about the closest thing to a soul mate.

MSI P65 Creator

Named after its mission in life, the P65 is a 15.6”, stylish laptop that offers a compelling processing speed, superior graphics, long battery life, and a heat management system that doesn’t let things get dysfunctional when your mind is on overdrive. Launched recently at the IFA Berlin 2018, this device caters especially to creative professionals like 3D animators or photographers, but it can potentially be an excellent partner for anyone with a proclivity towards building new worlds and seeing the humdrum in a fresh light.

Processing to Nurture Creative Thought: Power & Multitasking

The laptop draws its fuel from an eighth-generation Intel Core i7 processor (with up to 32GB RAM) that is both powerful and speedy for immersive multimedia pursuits. Since the laptop runs Windows 10 Performance MSI P65 Creator Home or Windows 10 Pro, the productivity gets even better; the operating system offers useful features for multitasking. Interestingly, MSI is also presently offering a free creative-software pack (otherwise priced at $400), in collaboration with Intel.

Perhaps the best part about the processing prowess is the excellent battery life. The laptop can continue to function unplugged for more than 8 hours—a splendid statistic for a laptop with such industry-leading specifications. A long battery life, tested by the MobileMark 2014 standard, gives you a reassuring sense of mobility. It lets you tune in unplugged and get down to work whenever inspiration comes calling.

For a laptop designed to support intensive endeavors like photography and high-resolution image editing, heat management is paramount. The MSI P65 understands this well and uses a Cooler Boost Trinity system to keep things nice and cool. This is a system that utilizes three fans (whirlwind-blade) and four heat pipes never to let infernal heat come in the way of work.

Beautiful Inside Out

It goes without saying that a laptop designed to fuel creativity better look the part! The MSI P65 Creator is presently available in two models—a standard silver with aluminum finish and a pearl white aluminum with accents of gold. The latter is a limited edition that currently comes in a pine wood package and a suede sleeve bag. Both models are stunning to behold, and their chassis are made of highly durable aluminum.

Display and graphics MSI P65 Creator

The beauty continues when you look inside and how. If you get the white limited edition, you can avail of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics with 8GB dedicated memory. This comes with the Max-Q design that lets the GPU deliver optimal performance even in such a thin and sleek laptop. The regular models offer GeForce GTX 1060 or GTX 1050 Ti. A configuration like that translates into sheer excellence when you’re creating, only made better and more immersive by the narrow bezel design (4.9 mm) and the In-Plane Switching screen.

The display provides a terrific color gamut—almost 100 percent sRGB—and the colors are made more vivid by the True Color technology. Notably, the P65 also has a high refresh rate of 144 Hz (only on the white limited edition) that keeps the rendering free of glitches, lags and delays.

Creativity Unhindered: Portability & Ease of Use

Can you ever nail down a creative soul and ask him or her to deliver then and there, never collaborating or traveling, never breaking free? Well, while some of your clients may believe this is possible, it is unhealthy for anyone in professions that are off-the-beaten-path. The MSI P65 lends itself brilliantly to being carried about; it weighs only 1.8 kg and has a thickness of 17.9 mm. This means you can lug it along in a backpack, its durable chassis freeing you of anxieties about potential damage.

Portability and design MSI P65 Creator

There are plentiful options for collaboration, sharing and connectivity. For wireless connectivity, the laptop supports Bluetooth 5, 802.11 Wi-Fi and Gigabit LAN. Also on offer is a Thunderbolt 3 port that you can use to connect to a 4K display output (a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160). If you have used this port before, you will know it does complete justice to its name for the speed of data transfer is almost 40 Gbps! The Thunderbolt 3 port, however, is available only in the limited edition at present. The regular silver edition does support up to two display monitors in contrast to the limited model that allows up to three.

Fingerprint sensor MSI P65 Creator

It is utterly straightforward to use the P65, even when you’re drained and haven’t even the strength to type in your password. Just use your touch to log in; the fingerprint sensor in coordination with Windows Hello will have you sorted. (Note that the fingerprint sensor is inbuilt.) There is also a voice assistant—Cortana—that you can instruct to help you with day-to-day tasks. It is quite accurate and completes its tasks effectively. The keyboard is backlit.

Tuning in to Sound

This deserved a mini-section of its own for the high-resolution audio in the limited edition is truly an experience like no other. The Nahimic 3 sound system gives you a spectacular semblance of virtual surround sound. The regular silver model also has a pleasant sound system with two speakers (2W), a mic and a headphone.

MSI P65 Creator – Verdict

Suffice it to say, the MSI P65 Creator is one of the best design-oriented laptops to be introduced in the market. It is equipped with excellent processing strength, graphics that can adapt to various needs/modes, collaboration options to unleash creativity with friends and colleagues, and a hardware/software support that lets you build in peace. If you have been hunting for a computing device that values the strength of ideas as much as you do, here’s a smart choice.

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