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MSI launches Creator 15 with powerful features for professionals

Following the astounding popularity of the mini-LED version laptops with the Creator 17, the brand is back with an improved and refined version of the same, meant only for content creators and professionals. The Creator 15 packs in every feature and function that a professional in the field of animation or even film making would require.

msi creator 15 2020

Powered by the latest processors and a classy design, the Creator 15 is here to take over the world beyond questions and imaginations. It has been outfitted with touch screen for improved efficiency that helps you churn your creativity to the maximum.

The device has been designed with the premium quality aluminum chassis and low-profile sandblasted carbon gray finish that leaves behind a very polished and premium look and feel to the device.

Aside from that, the Creator 15 has also been powered by the latest 10th Gen. Intel Core i7-10875H processor which has been recorded to improve the overall performance of the device by 40%, running on 8-cores for the software. To add to the efficiency, the device also packs in the powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX SUPER GPU that further ensures smoother and high end cinematic experience beyond imagination.

msi creator 15 2020 performance

The Creator 15 has been specifically created and developed to help with multitasking and some of the professional processing jobs, graphic designing, video editing and some of the 3D works around.

But, the one thing about this device that doesn’t disappoint is the fact that it packs in high performance but doesn’t overheat. This means that you could use it for extended periods of time without having to worry about the fact that the device would easily become hot.

The cooling system of the device has been configured with a 0.1mm super thin fan blades that help increase the airflow by 15% and the 25% wider pipes help improve the thermal solution for the better as well.

Another feature in the Creator 15 that you can blindly rely on is the amazing touchscreen. It makes the overall navigation a lot smoother beyond your comprehension and helps channel in better productivity.

Given that touchscreen devices are quite rare; this does make the Creator 15 one of the best productivity laptops in the market at the moment. The combination of the optimal touchscreen with the multi-touch function ensures easier functions with the fast scrolling feature and the pinch-to-zoom as well.

Just like MSI’s trend, they have ensured to never compromise with the picture quality of the device and that is what you get with this one too. The True Pixel Display from MSI packs in the stunning visuals and the saturated, lucid images that you just can’t compare with anything else around. It also produces 4K resolution along with Adobe RGB 100% color gamut for a vibrant display.

msi creator 15 2020 display

The device has been specifically tailor made for the professional content creators to make their life easier and sorted. The SD card reader has a very faster transfer speed for all of your 4K videos and photos, which is pretty impressive. It can transfer over 500 photos in a matter of 30 seconds, which is mind boggling.

Lastly, the striking feature of the device that stands out is the amazing 99.9Whr battery that is the largest that has been witnessed till date. It provides with a battery life of around 9 hours, which is nothing short of amazing, especially when you are multitasking and doing heavy duty work.

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