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MSI Launches Brand-New MSI HX Gaming Laptops with 12th Gen Intel Core HX Series Processors

MSI HX Series Gaming Laptops

MSI has recently unveiled their new line-up of the next-gen gaming laptops with the MSI HX series. The models are all powered by the latest 12th Gen. Intel Core HX Series processors and redefine performance and innovation.

All the new models are backed with the latest built-in mechanical keyboard with the Cherry MX switches along with the world’s first QHD 240Hz OLED display. Not just for gameplay, the new line-up of laptops is designed to cater to the rising demands of content creation.

The USP of these new models is the processing power. Almost all of the new inclusions boast 100% improved CPU performance with a robust cooling system for immaculate user performance and responsiveness.

Powered with the latest 12th Gen. Intel Core HX series processors, the models feature up to 150W Turbo Power. They are also backed with the MSI OverBoost technology with 250W power delivery to the processors for the ultimate gaming experience.

Not just that, the new models also feature the world’s very first Samsung QHD 240Hz OLED display with smoother refresh rate and balanced high-resolution output. The accuracy of the display is further backed with the exclusive True Pixel technology that contributes to bright and accurate color reproduction with MSI’s exclusive color calibration.

The keyboard in the new laptops feature the class-leading Cherry MX switches with per-key RGB lighting and the SteelSeries GG control software for superior typing experience like no other.

Also, with the rising importance of the Meta verse, the upcoming laptops from MSI are backed with the Meta-Ready certification that will enable the gamers to explore the Metaverse without any complications. The laptops are backed with Animaze app for the same.

The official release of all these models will take place at MSI’s exclusive event, “MSIology: Ahead of the Curve”, which will be held on June 07, 2022.

Here’s a breakdown of all the upcoming devices and what you can expect from each.

Titan GT77 – Superior Desktop-like Performance

MSI Titan GT77

The Titan GT series by MSI is one of the bestsellers and rightfully so. Backed with the latest desktop-grade performance and an optimal cooling system, the series is one of the best for gaming and content creation.

The brand-new Titan GT77 holds on to the legacy of the Titan GT series and brings the best level of performance and thermal solutions, all wrapped into one. The model is backed with the unique Cherry MX Ultra-Low Switch with an RGB lightbar.

Coming to the thermal solutions, the model is backed with Cooler Boost Titian technology that features four fans and seven heat pipes that unleashes the true potential of the latest 12th Gen. Intel HX processors. Backed with the OverBoost technology, the model supports up to 250W combined power deliver to both the CPU and GPU in the model.

As for the memory and storage configuration, the Titan GT77 is equipped with 128GB RAM and up to 32TB storage to support multiple browsing tabs and unlimited gaming experience.

Featuring a sleek and lightweight 23mm thin chassis, the Titan GT77 is marked as the ultimate desktop replacement that supports optimal gameplay like no other.

Raider GE77 HX/67 HX7 – Ultimate Leader of Raw Performance

MSI Raider GE77 GE67 HX

With a motto of “seeing is believing”, the Raider GE77 HX/67 HX7 models are here to transform the performance, gameplay and productivity of the users.

Powered by the latest 12th Gen. Intel Core HX series processor, the models support up to 150W maximum turbo power and up to 250W combined CPU and GPU power, all due to the OverBoost technology.

The Raider GE67 is also equipped with the world’s first QHD 240Hz OLED display with superior refresh rate and optimal resolution and output. It also features 0.2 ms response time and a wider DCI-P3 100% color gamut to bring the visuals to life.

Besides the latest CPU configuration, the models are backed with NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti GPU.

Vector GP76 HX/66 HX – Optimizes Performance

MSI Vector GP76 GP66 HX

Designed to revolutionize performance, the Vector GP76 HX/66 HX caters to a wide range of consumers. The models aren’t limited to the use of the gamers. Instead, it is designed for future use, especially for a variety of users including engineers, scientific computing specialists, content creators and many more.

Backed with the Cooler Boost 5 technology, the model supports up to 250W Turb Power with the integrated OverBoost technology.

The laptops are powered by the latest Intel HX series processors and NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti GPU configuration.

CreatorPro X17 – Built for Professionals

MSI CreatorPro X17

Last on the list of launch is the CreatorPro X17. Besides powerful configurations, the model is backed with smooth display, ISV certifications and optimal security.

Moreover, like all the other launches, even this laptop is powered by the latest 16-core Intel HX series processor and the NVIDIA RTX A5500 Laptop GPU. The highlight of this model is the per-unit display color calibration with the latest parameters, including Delta-E or Gamma value that contributes to stunning visuals.

This is the ultimate laptop designed for the professionals and their demanding workflow.

Pricing and Availability

As we mentioned, further information and official launch of all of these upcoming MSI HX Gaming Laptops will happen at the MSI Exclusive event on June 07, 2022. So, keep your eyes peeled for all the updates regarding the pricing and availability then.

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