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MSI GT83014 TITAN-014: $5299 Extreme Gaming Laptop

If adrenaline-pumping, blood-thumping gaming sessions set your pulse racing, you will find plenty to delight in the new MSI GT83014 TITAN-014—the latest 18.4” gaming laptop from the MSI family. Driven by an Intel i7 processor with six cores and fitted with a dazzling NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, this laptop facilitates smooth, powerful gaming experiences. Priced at a rather stiff $5299, this computer does boast of the dependability that you associate with MSI.

msi gt83014 titan-014 gaming laptop

The Realm of Processing

The TITAN-014 is driven by an Intel Core i7-8850H processor (hexa-core) that runs at a base frequency of 2.6GHz. The multiple cores enable it to support multitasking and happily run the complex games of our times. It has a RAM of 32GB (DDR4) that can be expanded up to 64GB. The storage space is a combination of 512GB of high-speed SSD (NVMe) and 1TB of SATA. The mixed storage provides abundant space for huge gaming files; the read-write speeds offered are also competent thanks to the joint storage structure.

This laptop runs Windows 10 as its operating system which further supports multitasking ventures and lends productivity to all your pursuits.

Display & Graphics

The dedicated NVIDIA graphics card comes with 16GB of dedicated memory. This guarantees that the imagery you experience is stunning, vivid and meticulous. The screen is fairly large at 18.4” and provides abundant space for you to enjoy all the action. Note that the screen resolution is an optimal 1920 x 1080.

If you talk about the screen quality, in particular, it is worth mentioning the support for In-Plane Switching which provides distortion-free imagery irrespective of the viewing angle. You get an LCD screen that repels reflections and glares too, thereby presenting the clearest multimedia experience you can expect.

Collaboration & Accessibility

In terms of collaboration, this computer offers the Killer N1550 Combo (2*2 ac) as well as the Killer Gaming Network E2500. It also has five USB 3.0 ports to let you plug in to any devices you may need.

keyboard msi gt83014 titan-014

It is also worth talking about the specially designed keyboard—fitted with 88 keys (Steel Series) with support for multi-backlighting. The ergonomic, intuitive keyboard helps you up the ante during your gameplay by delivering a good response and high precision.

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Design & Build

This black aluminum heavyweight looks just as powerful upfront as it is from within. It weighs 26.3lbs but has a surprisingly sleek profile of only 1.5” (22 x 9.4 x 1.5”). There is no doubt that MSI has designed the TITAN-014 for serious, or should we say, extreme gamers, who are on the hunt for a stable performer.

design msi gt83014 titan-014

MSI has made the holiday season more exciting with its latest gaming laptops—as stylish as they are powerful. The MSI GT83014 TITAN-014 has a stellar processing configuration, topnotch display, and adequate support for connectivity. It is a capable if rather expensive computing partner for gaming connoisseurs who want to up their gameplay and relish some truly memorable experiences.

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