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MSI GT75 TITAN-094 Gaming Laptop Review – Coffee Lake VR Ready

A gaming laptop that is designed to offer the tangibility of virtual reality in games is what this MSI product offers. Having the robustness of high end newest processor, huge memory space and support of amazing graphics, the new MSI GT75 TITAN-094 is every gamer’s dream.

MSI GT75 TITAN-094 Gaming Laptop Review


MSI GT75 TITAN-094 Performance

Performance MSI GT75 TITAN-094 Gaming Laptop MSI GT75 series Intel Core i9-8950HK powered gaming laptop displays additional thinking capacity. The exceptional refresh rate of 4.8GHz eliminates any kind of lag happening during the shift in applications. It is one of the coolest machines around that performs 20% better than the previous versions without showing any rise in interior temperature. This exceptional cooling is attributed to amazing cooler boost design typical of MSI intelligence.


This MSI gaming laptop delivers breathtaking visual output which is delivered through 17.3″ Full High Definition display. The excellence of Anti-Glare feature, Wide View Angle, refresh rate of 120Hz and response time of 3ms with human eye friendly 94%NTSC color scheme makes it a dream come true laptop for all the gaming enthusiasts of the present generation. The added clarity of picture guaranteed by 1920x1080p resolution and 16:9 screen ratio leaves no action undetected in any high action game. The perfect screen for FPS and other style of games!


G-Sync programmed NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 enabled graphics processor is perfect match for Graphics MSI GT75 TITAN-094 Gaming Laptop attaining the gaming experience that is gripping as well as eye-friendly too. This processor aces in performance and has the sturdiness of 8G GDDR5X technologies that is designed to tailor-fit the graphics-rich gaming environments. The convenience of plug-and-play allows the gamer to get all possible resources on board to achieve a killer combination of audio, video and haptics that take VR readiness to another level.


One look at the keyboard and you are sure to feel bowled over by its terrific look and butter smooth input mechanism. The keyboard is of Steel Series, flaunts per-Key RGB Mechanical feature with added advantage of Anti-Ghost key making it suitable for gamers who need strong input support for getting the badge of the fastest and the trickiest player around. The keyboard has multiple lighting settings and acquires a personality fit for the game launched.

Keyboard MSI GT75 TITAN-094 Gaming Laptop

Audio and Sound

Brilliance of Nahimic Audio technology sets the deeper connection between the game and the player. The audio delivers the environment that keeps your adrenaline rushing with the progress of the game. The very first note is struck right and the player finds him coming back to the game again and again to relive the experience of gaming. There is excellence of 2 Dynaudio Tech Speakers 3W and 1 Subwoofer 5W that delivers excellent output with no distortion observed at any level of sound chosen.


16GB (16G*1) memory and gaming-centric ecosystem delivered by DDR4 2666MHz bandwidth can feed any program no matter how demanding it is. Thus, the gamers get to enjoy about 10% enhancement in the performance with the output that defines all-action-and-no-wait experience suitable for enthusiastic you. The additional storage of 1TB (7200RPM) is given keeping in mind the gigantic resource requirement that is expected to be there in any gaming resource. Thus, this gaming laptop offers butter smooth performance with no lags and allows the gamer to store and process all applications that are required to achieve a fulfilling gaming experience.

Networking pro-gaming

Gaming requires mechanism that can dedicate resources for faster downloading and better performance output. The intelligence of Multi GIG AQC107 LAN can optimize connection for giving preference to gaming-centric downloads and thus, the gamer does not feel any lag while immersing in the hottest action possible. You play only to win when Killer N1550 Combo (2*2 ac) chipset offers exceptional networking management and prioritizes bandwidth up to 6 levels.

Operating System

This gaming intelligent laptop comes pre-loaded with Win 10 Pro. The user-friendliness of this Operating system adds to the lucidity in the gaming experience.


Connectivity unleashed with ports like 5*USB 3.1 Gen 2, 1*Thunderbolt 3 offer you the amazing pretext to enrich this laptop the way you want. You can enhance the video output exceptionally with ports like HDMI, mDP 1.2, Thunderbolt 3 that are decorating this laptop on one side. There is card reader slot SD (XC/HC) too provided in the body to maximize resource connectivity. You can also attach high quality audio headset for personal experience that is offered flawlessly with audio port SPDIF (ESS Sabre HiFi).

Dragon center 2.0 advantage

MSI GT75 Coffee Lake series gaming laptop is offered the intelligence of Dragon Center 2.0. This software offers triple advantage of amazing interface, updated system report and one-click optimization so that the user switches the laptop and launches the game only to play without bothering about the settings. The memory free-up is also just a single click affair and the game gets all the resources handy as soon as it is launched. Thus, the term ‘lag’ is completely missing from the gaming experience provided by this laptop.

The gaming mode advantage offers intelligence in controlling the way system should work according to the game launched. The keyboard, sound and all visual support start functioning automatically in accordance with the needs of the game launched due to the Gaming Mode feature made available.


This laptop comes with 8 cell (90Wh) Li-Ion battery that is known for exceptional standalone time when charged to full. Thus, the gamers can stay with the game even when they are on move and enjoy new levels of achievement without bothering about the recharging.

Specs of MSI GT75 TITAN-094
Processor Intel Core i9-8950HK 6-core (up to 4.8GHz)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
Storage 1TB 7200RPM
Display 120Hz refresh rate 17.3″ Full-HD


Design MSI GT75 TITAN-094 Gaming Laptop

MSI GT75 Titan-094 gaming laptop is the ultimate answer to the gaming needs of the players having varying proficiencies. This laptop is designed with features that display its intelligent working. The best of the bests of audio, video, system output and networking support have worked collectively to create an experience that every gamer was yearning for all this while.

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