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MSI GS66 Stealth Review: A Robust Portable Laptop

If you are a gaming fanatic who has been looking out for a good quality gaming laptop for your everyday use, within a budget, the MSI GS66 Stealth is one of the best in the market right now. Following the grand successor of its precursor, the GS65, the expectation bar was up by a notch, suggesting that all people wanted was to have a gaming laptop with a sturdier built and an even better performance.

msi gs66 stealth laptop review

Given how much the expectations raised with the new device, it can be said that it did match up to some of the expectations around, so in case you have been meaning to buy this device for yourself or for a friend or family, we would suggest you first take a look through the review first.

Design and Build

Just like the tagline suggests, the MSI GS66 is a robust device that you just can’t forego. The design has improved a lot from the previous versions, so it is likely that you will notice some external changes in terms of the build and design of the laptop. The all-black look of the laptop looks extremely premium.

design msi gs66 stealth

Unlike the prior one, this doesn’t have any more of the gold accents that several of the users weren’t a big fan of. The sandblasted appearance of the device does look even better in a professional setting, if that is something you have been looking forward to.

The build of the device is a little thicker than the prior version and does live up to the sturdy and durable requirements too. Even with the slightly thicker design, this does stand out in terms of how durable and robust the functions and features are.

keyboard msi gs66 stealth

The device also doesn’t have the uncomfortable flex to the design, which further makes it a worthy option for your purchase. The metal alloy of the build of the device keeps the device quite lightweight, so it is a lot easier to carry around. The overall chassis has a blockier shape to it, which again enhances the overall look and feel.

Holding the device, you will realize that it does have a much more solid hold, in comparison to some of its competitors. The device weighs around 4.63 pounds, which is not the most lightweight option but at the same time, it is not the worst either.


The display of the MSI GS66 is what stole the show in the first place. It comes with a standard 15.6” full HD display with a screen resolution of 1080p. But, the factor that makes this a viable purchase is the 300Hz refresh rate that allows you to check through every single frame of the device without any complaints at all.

up to 300Hz display msi gs66 stealth

The 300 frames per second speed is beyond imagination, which also suggests that you are going to enjoy a very smoother gameplay. This is often a lot more than some of the other standard options that you will likely experience around, making this an option worth looking into.

The higher refresh rate allows the users to have a smoother gaming experience, especially with the competitive multiplayer games. The higher the refreshing of the screen, the easier it becomes for your game to stay updated so you can enjoy the game as it has been developed.

The 300Hz refresh rate is not a must have but now that this device does come with the same, it is not surprising that the users are going to be a fan of that. In case you don’t normally indulge in the multiplayer games, it is likely that you wouldn’t necessarily need this a lot.

It also supports 97% sRGB, 69% Adobe RGB and 71% DCI-P3.

The all around narrow bezels of the screen further ensures better screen to body ratio, which again is pretty amazing in case you want the best visual experience while using the device.


MSI is that one brand that never fails to match up to their performance demand. It provides with a smoother gameplay and interface that ensures that your gaming experience is never once compromised.

10th gen core i9 msi gs66 stealth

The combination of up to 10th Gen. Intel Core i9 Processor along with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER GPU with 8GB GDDR6 makes this a device that you wouldn’t regret spending your money on. It provides with enhanced efficiency while you are trying to tackle through the game all along.

RTX super gpu msi gs66 stealth

The best thing about the processors is how upgraded they are. Given the fact that they are the latest processors, it ensures smoother and faster gameplay and visual experience without any unnecessary glitch.

The device also has a dual slot that supports up to 64 GB RAM for effortless functions without any kind of glitch or stoppage in between.

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Even the graphics of this device ensures that you never once have to complain about the credibility of the device at all. Not only does it allow smoother gaming experience, it also provides with a better take at the overall functions and features of the device too.

So, you can use it for your other creative work as well and expect a similar experience like during the gaming.

Battery Life

The MSI GS66 is a decent sized gaming laptop with some powerful features. Given how high end the features are, the one thing that the users have been skeptical about is the battery life.

Aside from the heavy end gaming, this device provided with a battery life of 9 hours when used for normal functions, which is nothing short of amazing.

But, if you are playing some of the heavy duty games, it is likely that the battery life won’t be as rewarding as it is. For the kind of price point and configuration it comes for, this is not a bad battery life at all and does live up to the kind of expectations that you will normally have around.

Final Verdict

Should you buy MSI GS66? This is a question that must be lingering in your mind. And, to answer you, yes, you can go for it. If you have used MSI devices before, it is likely that you wouldn’t be disappointed with this device at all.

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It stands up to all the expectations, be it in terms of the performance or even in terms of the overall productivity and gaming experience as well. And, not to mention, the device looks stunning as well.

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