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MSI GP73 Leopard-014 8th Generation Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GP73 Leopard-014 Series Gaming Laptop is the killer machine having all features fit for the gaming enthusiast like you. Crystal sharp screen, tear-free images, larger than life graphics and incredibly lively keyboard set the gaming mood on and make this laptop the battlefield no one would like to back out from.

MSI GP73 Leopard-014 8th Generation Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GP73 Leopard-014 Display

Almost 80% of the body is Full HD screen resolves to 1920*1080 pixels that help you pick the target the fastest. The response time of 3ms and refresh rate of 120Hz prepare the ideal setting for the gaming action. You get to share the fun with friends with Wide View feature and 94%NTSC Color along with Anti-Glare facility serves the best recipe for an unmatchable gaming experience. You share, you enjoy and most importantly you conquer and the non-stop fun grapples you completely as it does not hurt your eyes or strains them even when you are playing while on the move.

Operating System

This gaming excellence comes powered with Win 10 operating system. The availability of multi-language comfort allows you interact with the machine in the language you are most easy to go with.

Processor and Graphics Processor

MSI GP73 Leopard-014 gaming laptop is the energy unleashed. It derives its unending functional capacity from the hexa-core i7-8750H processor with refresh rate of 3.9 – 4.1GHz. Thus, this gaming laptop never gets tired and performs its best even when squeezed to the extreme limit.

Performance MSI GP73 Leopard-014 Gaming Laptop

The graphics processor has the 6G DDR5 memory that supports the speedy action of chase games, fight games, point and shoot games and lot more. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 technology processor takes the crispness of images and their fast loading to another level and offers the gaming experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

RAM and Storage

NVME SSD MSI GP73 Leopard-014 MSI GP73 Leopard-014 is capable of allowing you to carry your world with you. Right from heavy duty AV files, gaming applications and lot many entertaining stuff can easily be processed owing to 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM. All this stuff reaches you without any lag is made possible due to this RAM size that can also be expanded to 32 GB.

You also get 256GB M.2 SATA and 1TB (7200RPM) external drive to help you have plethora of gaming options on the laptop. Apart from games, the user can stuff movies, music and all important files without bothering about the system overload due to this humongous memory made available.

Unique Features

This laptop is available in classic black color that imparts it the unmatched royalty. NVIDIA technology Unique Features MSI GP73 Leopard-014 gaming laptop makes amazing premise for VR experience.

Killer Gaming Network E2400 is another interesting feature that makes this laptop perfect for gamers. This pro-gaming feature allows the machine to filter the bandwidth and allocate it for the gaming function primarily. Thus, it eliminates the need for optical drive and other secondary storage solutions that are needed otherwise to store the games of choice. Just stream or play online or download the games of your choice and the Killer Gaming Network E2400 gets this done in lag-free manner.

Cooler Boost 5 technology helps the laptop keep its cool even when it is put to work the most brutal manner. Strategically placed fans circulating more volumes of air as compared to that done by previous laptops do not allow internal temperature to soar any higher. Thus, there are nil instances of break down. The machine is at your disposal for the longest whenever you want.

Multitasking made super easy with display ports provided in this laptop. The user can connect it to up to three monitors at a time. The external displays can be connected through 1 HDMI port supporting 4K resolution reaching 3840 x 2160 and 1 mini Display port 1.2. Thus, you play and share the excitement of the game with friends and do other stuff too.

TriDef VR feature brings in the convenience of making head mounted display (HMD) your battlefield. This feature converts 2D into 3D and so you are experiencing the unabashed action with hands set free to launch the games the most convenient way.

Dragon center 2 MSI GP73 Leopard-014

Dragon Center 2.0 is effectively modifying the laptop characteristics as per the requirements of the game launched. Customization of profiles and optimizing of basic features of the laptop take place in an automated fashion eliminating the effort out of the gaming experience. The system offers launch-and-play comfort as it does all the background work for the player and the latter hits the pedal only to play, strategize and win.


You get a reliable tool, fully supportive of your gaming abilities in the shape of Steel Series Full-color backlit keyboard. This input device has silver lining and has Anti-Ghost key feature giving you the best opportunity to stay ahead of the competitors in your game.

Keyboard MSI GP73 Leopard-014

The keyboard takes the personality according to the game when Dragon Centre 2.0 comes into action. The user can also set the lighting patterns as per his preference; there are about eight lighting styles available to pick from.

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USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C port is designed to support backward compatibility with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. Thus, the user enjoys the convenience of having several of his favorite devices connected to this laptop. The reversible design adds enormously to the convenience.


Nahimic VR technology brings the lifelike effect to the games. The users can get 7.1 audio surround sound even on their regular headsets where both the exceptional quality audio and VR video come together to create an immersive effect. You feel been there, done that and continue to bask in the best of the experience sure of leaving you stunned and engaged in the exciting game plan.

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The Audio Boost technology further details the sound by 30%. There is distinct stability in the quality of sound reaching the ears as golden audio jack and Audio Power Amplifier work in unison to eliminate noise and obstruction between you and the games’ sound.

Specs of MSI GP73 Leopard-014
Processor Intel Core i7-8750H 6-core (up to 4.1GHz)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6GB
Storage 256GB SSD + 1TB 7200RPM
Display 120Hz refresh rate 17.3″ Full-HD

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