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MSI GL66 Gaming Laptop is $204 off for Black Friday 2021

msi pulse gl66 2021 In the realm of gaming laptops, MSI has its place as a dependable, powerful brand. Whether you are a professional gamer or a casual entertainment seeker, you can benefit from the Black Friday 2021 deal on MSI GL66, down by $204.

$204 off at Amazon

This 15.6″ laptop offers fantastic specifications for the price, along with superior audio and a lightweight form factor.

MSI has mastered the art of encompassing power and style in mobile packages. Thanks to the holiday discount, the GL66 is now up for grabs at a budget-friendly $1,294.99. So, at less than $1300, you can bag a powerful gaming beast that is likely to stand the test of time.

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Powerful gaming performance

The MSI GL66 gets driven by an Intel Core i7-11800H processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. The configuration is perfect for gaming at high settings without cutting corners or running into lags and delays.

An NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card brings to you the latest in audio-visual splendor, including real-time ray tracing. The FHD monitor provides a fast refresh rate of 144Hz to make gameplay immersive and satisfying.

MSI is renowned for its effective heat dissipation – the Cooler Boost technology. It uses an intricate combination of pipes and vents to discard built-up heat and keep inner components working at their optimum. That is a big nod to long-term usage – something that many products forget to focus on while prioritizing peak performance.

Portable build, stylish design

A smooth, gaming-friendly keyboard is one of the major plusses of this offering. You can customize all the keys based on your needs. The RGB backlighting is bright and enthralling and helps you glean the game status during play. So yes, it fits right into a modern gaming den.

There is more: the lights also sync well with the sound effects delivered by Nahimic 3 3D audio. If you frequently play games with multiple sound effects, you are in for a treat.

Although this is a 15.6” laptop, it weighs just 4.63lbs. The profile thickness is also less than one inch (0.94”), making it simple to tuck it into a backpack and get going.

It is great for anyone who likes to attend outdoor gaming events. Online games are also easily accessible, thanks to Wi-Fi 6. The up-to-date Wi-Fi standard improves speeds and stability, thus uplifting your overall experience while playing on the internet.

MSI has endowed this offering with a gamut of connections to support gaming on the go. You can avail of Type-A and Type-C USB ports and an HDMI to connect to external displays.

Staying connected to all your gameplay paraphernalia becomes straightforward, and the heavy files do not take up space in your system.

Even in these times of intense competition among laptop manufacturers, MSI holds its own for its gaming portfolio. Its range of offerings is stylish and sleek but also powerful and long-lasting.

The MSI GL66 is a brilliant pick at this time as it combines the mainstay for gamers with luxurious features like per-key backlighting. While the brand portfolio boasts more powerful (and much pricier) options, this one is great for power-packed entertainment.

It uses the latest-gen Intel processor and supplies plenty of space vis-à-vis ammunition for your creative pursuits. It is also topnotch in the sound department and has a mobile build to boot. We daresay it is one of the most promising Black Friday deals this year for gamers and multimedia aficionados alike.

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