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MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 Premium Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 Premium Gaming Laptop is quality exemplified. The robustness of i7 processor, vibrant aesthetics and intelligence of gaming-centric advanced features make this laptop the most entertaining console around and not to forget, one of the most reliable ones too.

MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 Premium Gaming Laptop Review


Performance MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 Gaming Laptop MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 laptop offers undeterred support of 8th Gen. Intel Core i7-8750H processor scores 40% better performance than the previous versions. The robustness of this processor is truly dependable as it can help working with several applications without facing the instances of over-heating. This level of unmatched performance is made possible by Cooler Boost 5 pro-cooling design that helps maintain optimal temperature in the interiors of the system.

Operating System

Windows 10 advantage that comes with this exceptional quality computer offers everything a user wants to enjoy functionalities improvised over the previous versions.

RAM and External Storage

The gamer has at his disposal humongous RAM size of 16GB supported by DDR4 bandwidth that makes processes of all demand sizes easily manageable. The maximum memory is reported to be 32GB. User would also get external storage of 256GB M.2 SATA and 1TB with 7200RPM, a great support system designed exclusively to meet the demands of bandwidth-consuming games.

MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 GPU

Latest GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 featuring in this premium laptop spells gaming excellence and Graphics and Color Display MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 nothing. Take the gaming endeavor to next level with fast speed, seamless image processing and crystal clear graphics. This latest GPU from NVIDIA helps bring on board the latest gaming technologies that ultimately create a resource pool simply fantastic and perfect fit for the high demanding games apps of the present times.


17.3″ Full HD (1920×1080) screen works intuitively and offers amazing visual output capable of keeping the gamers completely glued. The fastest response time of 3ms achieved in this laptop delivers truly magical image quality and the 120Hz Refresh Rate creates graphics, which are clarity unleashed in literal sense. The added advantage of anti-glare feature adds to the flawless visibility even when the battle is fought in open space.


Its keyboard is another mind-blowing feature fully customizable with the spirit of the game. The keys are lit with customizable RGB lighting system that acquires the personality fit for the game launched. There are 8 types of lighting patterns which can be picked according to the game. The power and intelligence of SteelSeries Per-Key gaming keyboard makes you the fastest, most promising and the swiftest player in your gang.

Keyboard MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013

Horizontal wave, Vertical wave-up, MOBA, Disco Mode, Warp drive etc are some of the lighting pattern choices one can choose from. Ghost key feature and optimization advantage as per the game’s requirement highlights the most used keys typical of any game eliminating the chances of error to a great extent.

Dragon Center

One-click customization allows modifying the system according to the game launched. The dragon center can be considered the real brain of this gaming machine as all crucial statistics are provided to the player as soon as booting up is done.

The users can create numerous customizable profiles for playing the game they love and also they can get information about games installed, memory freed-up and other device’s statistics. The additional benefit of exclusive Gaming Mode offers more information pertaining to screen and light style, sound style, etc. so that the player gets perfect environment to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Dragon Center 2.0 works three ways – system optimization, lighting guide and effect enhancement. With system optimization, the player can tune the system according to the requirements of the game and be ever-ready with system support to beat the opponents around.

Lighting guide feature enhances the intuitiveness of the keyboard and illuminates it the back of the keys aptly to tune in with the game mood. The third most important function is effect enhancing that allows picking up the audio and video profile according to the game, thus, creating an ecosystem that can increase the immersion quotient of the game manifold times.

Voice wizard allows teaming up the work and fun together, as it enables auto-adjustment of the in-game voice while conferencing with the work mates.

MSI dragon center takes responsiveness to another level. One can check the system statistics on the mobile phone anytime. The players can team into pair using QR code and can adjust LED wizard scenarios remotely too. There is convenience of launching new profiles and switching among them profiles using mobile phone, thus, you are with your favorite game wherever you are.


A gamer gets to enjoy 360⁰ immersive audio experience strengthened by Nahimic 3 Sound technology which reaches the gamer through five times bigger size speakers of giant size and upgraded by Dynaudio.


This laptop makes its presence conspicuous with the high quality body made of aluminum and lit stylishly in an appealing lighting pattern. So, make the battlefield as lively as possible and gift yourself a delightful experience that starts the moment you switch on this premium quality gaming laptop from MSI.


Enrich the gaming ecosystem as much as you want with all types of devices compatible with ports like USB 3.1 Gen2 and USB 3.1 Gen1 present in 1 and 2 units respectively. There is USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port also provided for adding to the compatibility of this laptop with all present day add-ons. The presence of HDMI and mDP 1.2 ports allows the user to connect any Hi Definition video source to this laptop and get an undisputed excellence in gaming experience.

GTX 1070 Version: MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 Premium Gaming Laptop Review

There is one audio port – 1/1 SPDIF (ESS Sabre HiFi) also provided in this laptop for adding extra to the sound and to connect to microphones for remote meetings, etc. multitasking is made cakewalk by allowing user to connect the laptop with external displays such as HDMI display, 4K resolution display and others. This guarantees unmatched visual experience and allows work and game side by side.

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The secret of ‘never say die’ attitude of this laptop lies in 6-cell (51Wh) Lithium-ion battery that lasts longer and has very long shelf-life. Thus, you can charge it to the full and then go on the battlefield crossing as many levels as you want without bothering about searching for a charging point.


MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 Premium Gaming Laptop

MSI GE73 Raider RGB-013 has certainly prepared a coveted background for racing games, FPS games and all other genres.

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