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MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 Premium Gaming Laptop Review (8th Gen)

A laptop designed to offer enormous fun to gaming enthusiasts; this is what MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 Premium Gaming Laptop can rightly be called. Very fast processor, sharp graphics and lots of storage and gaming centric advanced features make this laptop an ideal solution for achieving an ultimate gaming experience.

MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 Premium Gaming Laptop Review

External Features MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012

The makers of MSI GE73 Raider Premium Gaming Laptop have put the fun and excitement on priority while designing the body. This gaming laptop comes with top cover optimally illuminated for gaming mode.


The MSI Raider Gaming Laptop comes with Full HD screen that features refresh rate and response time of 120Hz and 3ms respectively. It measures 17.3 inch and is resolved to 1920 x 1080p. The screen is composed of NTSC 94% color range.

Screen MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012

User can experience an exceptionally enjoyable gaming experience with friends due to 170-degree viewing angle allowing a clearer view from various positions. The group gaming experience hits another high with this elaborately designed screen optimized for bunch of people playing together.


MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 from MSI features an RGB keyboard. But, don’t let RGB confuse you. This keyboard has back-lit keys colored in way more options than only Red, Blue and Green. One can find eye-catching hues of purples, mauves, pinks and reds too. This wide spectrum of colors on keyboards has served dual purpose of aesthetics and functionality.

Keyboard MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012

The colors specify the function keys are going to do. The navigation keys are lit differently to enable easy accustoming of the user to them while playing. It will really take minimal time to come in tune with the keyboard and once done, it will be all fun and no confusion for the player. Anti-ghost key and silver lining add to the visibility of the keys and help adjust to it rather quickly.

The main aim of any gamer is to stay continued in the game as long as possible. This high quality RGB keyboard helps achieve this aim rather easily. The keys colored according to function allow the player to know what to press and when. The color coding functionality allows the user to demarcate keyboard for melee attacks, spells, aids, and weapons distinctly. Barring initial few hiccups where the gamer presses wrong key and lands himself into trouble, the gamer is likely to come into the league of a star performer sooner than expected.

SteelSeries Engine 3 application: Have better control over the way keys should function during any game. This application offers multiple functions such as gives ammos, kills, cool down, health, money and several other timers to be incorporated into the gaming gear. Thus, the functionality of keyboard can be adjusted intelligently with every game and the correct illumination suitable for any game can be achieved. What more, you get all relevant game statistics too right at your one click!

SteelSeries does not stop at lighting up the keys only. It also offers the users the flexibility to choose from a variety of lighting up patterns such as Horizontal Wave, Vertical Wave Up, Disco Mode and FPS, and etc. So, give your laptop the personality that matches with the game launched with Steel Series RGB keyboard.


MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 for Gaming features a USB3.1 Gen2 Type C port. This offers flexibility to connect numerous output devices offering exclusive HD output to the user. The machine also features two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports and one Gen2 port allowing the user to use various other USB devices, headsets, microphone etc.

Internal Strengths MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012


Processor MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012

This gaming laptop from MSI comes with Core i7-8750H Hexa-Core (6 Cores) 2.6-4.1GHz processor. It is an 8th Gen processor strengthened with Cooler Boost 5 Cooling Design. So no undue heating issue can come between you and your gaming experience. This processor delivers 45% better performance than the previous ones and is a true asset of this gaming laptop.


Graphics MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 gaming laptop Games are unimaginable without graphics. And, these should be razor shop too, for the tangible experience. MSI Premium Gaming Laptop GE73 Raider comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 8G GDDR5 that supports fast performance and close-to-real gaming atmosphere. This feature has given way to lot many gaming technologies in this machine and has made it the ultimate answer to the gamers’ needs.


Having an unending list of games on the machine is any player’s ultimate dream. This machine comes with RAM size of 16GB and Graphics card RAM of 8GB, having characteristics like DDR4, 2400MHz, 2 Sockets; the expandable portion can go up to 32GB. It also has external storage in the form of 256GB M.2 SATA and 1TB (7200RPM). The 7200RPM feature is fully supportive of needs pertaining to running the graphics and animation, making it tailor-made laptop for gaming.

Operating System

Windows 10 Home operating system makes it one of the most advanced machines around with loads of user-friendly support features.

MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 Unique Features

Dragon Center 2.0: A gaming machine is expected to act intelligently by optimizing itself according to any game’s needs. The Dragon Center 2.0 adds to the intelligence quotient of this laptop. It monitors system status, temperature, etc. The UI is of intuitive nature and is provided in the form of a mini window, giving single view system statistics to the user.

The best feature of Dragon Center 2.0 is that it optimizes the machine and allocates the resources exactly according to the game launched. A tailor-made UI, perfectly fit for enjoying the game to its best, is provided to the player due to Dragon Center 2.0 advantage. The system changes the lighting pattern of the keyboard called hot-key lighting and game customized visual and audio effects enhance the fun of the game. Gaming is certainly a serious business for this wonderful machine.

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Nahimic 3.0 Virtual Surround Sound: Gaming experience can become more immersive with a high quality Surround Sound System. The Nahimic 3.0 virtual surround sound in this gaming laptop can help the gamers find target easily, stabilizes volume according to the need of the game and offers choice of bass, voice and treble to make the sound exactly the way you want it to be for your game.

Killer Gaming Network 2500: Games first before anything else! This feature allows the gaming to take the front seat and it is never lagging behind any other less important network traffic.


Verdict MSI GE73 Raider RGB-012 Premium Gaming Laptop

Priced at around $2000, this laptop is certainly tagged with a premium price tag. But, this machine features the best of the bests gaming tools justifying this price completely. Download as many games you want compatible with this machine, and be ready for the gaming experience of your lifetime. Since no optical drive is provided in this laptop, the running of CDs, Blu-Ray Discs etc remains out of question.

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