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MSI Creator 17 is the first laptop with mini LED screen

With the rapid launches of devices that MSI has been partaking over the years, it isn’t a surprise that this tech giant has yet another launch unveiled. The Creator 17 is the world’s very first laptop with the mini LED screen that assures to provide with top notch and true to color accuracy along with a wholesome visual experience that you wouldn’t have even imagined of.

msi creator 17

The unique and one of a kind thing with this new launch is the fact that the Creator 17 is the only laptop in the market currently that reaches the high dynamic range 1000 standard, providing a luminance of 1000 nits that elevate your visual experience to the next level. It is believed to be twice as brighter as the allies it has on the market at the moment.

The Creator 17 has been designed and developed in a way to reflect and return the actual color of the objects from real life, ensuring that you have a wholesome experience like no other. The display of this laptop also features a 4K high resolution for further crisp and realistic display. It is also integrated with a wide color gamut of 100% DCI-P3 that retains the color accuracy like no other.

mini LED

Aside from this all, the Creator 17 also features effective power efficiency along with a sleek and thin design and better light emitting efficiency. It also includes the benefits of over 240 zones of full array local dimming and lightening feature on an image. The features in this have also been designed in a way that help created a very impressive visually contrasting image in a video as you are witnessing on the display.

local dimming types

It is not just the display of the device that stands out but the inclusion of the latest and efficient CPU and GPU also stacks on to the overall experience like no other. It is also the first device to support a Type-C port that helps with the output of 8K image to the external display. In addition to that, it is also integrated with the faster UHS-III SD Card reader that is currently available in the market.

The Creator 17 is a much awaited launch which includes not just the latest display features but a wide range of other unique inclusions that many people wouldn’t even have thought of. The further details about the device have still not been divulged but it is believed that the same is going to be launched any time soon.

The latest news and updates on this suggest that the Creator 17 is going to make its debut at this year’s CES for MSI to further reveal the proper design, look, innovations and functions of the device that makes this stay a step ahead in the industry.

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