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You’ll Soon Be Able To Search Running Apps and Processes In Windows 11’s Task Manager

Microsoft has been focusing on revamping Windows 11 recently and alongside a lot of visual tweaks, the functionality of the Operating System has been improving as well. The company recently rolled out File Explorer Tabs to eliminate the need to open multiple windows for different folders. Now, they’re also testing an App Search functionality in Task Manager to help with finding specific (running) apps in the “Processes” section.

Task Manager Search

App Search in Task Manager is now available in Beta

The ability to search a running process (and/or app) in Taskbar, has been a desired feature for users for a while now, and with the Windows Insider Preview Build 22623.891, Microsoft has now made it available in the Beta Channel. It puts a search bar right on the top center of the Task Manager window and you can search using Binary Name, PID, or Publisher Name.

Task Manager Search

Task Manager’s Search finally lets users locate problematic apps and processes with ease. So, if you need to end a misfunctioning process quickly, you won’t need to go through the entire list of processes to find it. Taking action or monitoring a process should be much easier now as the search query singles out the process. You can also click “ALT + F” to focus on the filter box.

The update also finally lets users select the app theme for Task Manager. Currently, in the Public version, it adapts to the Light or Dark theme according to what’s applied on your Windows system. With the new update, you can choose the theme yourself or ask it to use the system setting (like it previously did). In-app dialogs (with the exception of  “Run new task”) now also support themes.

It’s now also it easy to apply Efficiency mode and have the ability to opt out of the confirmation dialog. You can now make changes on the dialog box by unchecking “Don’t ask me again” or you can even enable/disable the settings for Task Manager.

Source: Windows Insider Blog

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