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Microsoft Surface Studio 3 Spotted on FCC

surface studio 2
Source: Microsoft

Initial reports from Microsoft Centra hinted at the release of Microsoft Surface Studio 3 by 2022. However, with only three months or so left in the year, people’s hopes about the possible launch are dwindling away.

That said, a recent development suggests that this expected Surface Studio 3 is likely on the way since the model was recently registered with FCC. The device was submitted for evaluation on February 24, 2022 and the final report was generated on August 31, 2022, as per the published FCC reports.

microsoft surface studio 3 fcc label

So, if you were getting disheartened thinking that the Microsoft Surface Studio 3 was just a rumor and will not see the light of the day, you are in for some surprises.

surface studio 3 fcc radio test report

All that aside, wondering what are some of the rumored specs of the Surface Studio 3 that we know so far? Let’s sort them out for you in this article.

Stunning display and specs

The highlight of this upcoming Microsoft Surface Studio 3 is going to be the expansive 28” display. It’s the largest one in the Surface family till date.

That aside, the enriching and immersive display will also feature touch and pen support alongside a sturdy and solid dual-hinge design for extra stability.

The model will also come out with powerful hardware and responsive performance, something that’s going to make it worth the while for the professionals. Paired with a sleek, premium and aesthetic design, you are never going to have to complain about this device ever in the future.

Processor specifications

The last Surface Studio 2, which was launched in 2018 came with the Intel Core i7-7820HQ processor, the 7th Gen. Model.

So, if Microsoft wants to tap into the market, a processor upgrade is an absolute must at this point. However, with the available options, the Surface Studio 3 will most likely come out with the 12th Gen. Intel Core processor.

Ports and connectivity

If there’s one I/O port related rumor about the Surface Studio 3 that has made the rounds, it has to do with the existing USB Type-C port. The new model will likely come out with a Thunderbolt 3 for better versatility.

The model could also come with the Thunderbolt 4 port, but all of these are mere speculations at this point.


Since the last Surface Studio model was released in 2018 with a very trendy design based on the market back then, things have changed and progressed over the years.

So, users can very well expect a complete redesign with superior touch capability and zero-gravity hinge. Also, the model is expected to feature a high-end display, packed in a compact desktop.

Not much has been released about the display and design configuration yet but we can definitely expect some ground-breaking design reforms in the next Surface Studio 3.

Release date and pricing

Despite the buzz that the Microsoft Surface Studio 3 has created in the market.

It rumored to be released in October 12, 2022 at 10 AM ET on next Microsoft Event.

As for the pricing, the last model of Surface Studio 2 started from $3,299.00, which was a fair price for the kind of specifications it came with. Whether or not Microsoft will place the Surface Studio 3 in the similar price range is something we’d have to wait to see.

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