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Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Leaked on BLF

With the rumors milling in and the speculations online, Microsoft Surface Pro 9 was leaked on bestlaptopfor.com (BLF), featuring a stunning convertible design and classy aesthetic look.

Microsoft and Windows users have been patiently awaiting the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9. While there have been a lot of speculations and rumors floating around, none of it were confirmed until recently.

The Surface Pro 9 was leaked on bestlaptopfor.com (BLF) showcasing a stunning convertible design with the sleek and aesthetic look.

There’s nothing else released with the leak. The website only leaked the first look image of the Microsoft Surface Pro 9.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 leaked
Source: BLF

However, if you have been patiently awaiting the official launch, you’d be ecstatic to learn more about the expected specifications and release date.

Still excited? Let us walk you through what we know about the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 till now.

Performance and specifications

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will come with the base model featuring the latest 12th Gen. Intel Core i5 processor, and come with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage. The specifications will go up to 12th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor with 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD for the ultimate performance and productivity.

Besides that, Microsoft is expected to not introduce many changes to the display configuration and the Surface Pro 9 is expected to come with the 13” display panel with 1920p screen resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.

Not only that, rumors also suggest that Microsoft is planning to merge Surface Pro X with Surface Pro 9. So, the variants might be available with the staple Intel processors or ARM processors.

Besides Intel, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is also rumored to come out with the Microsoft SQ3 processor.

Design elements

If the leak on BLF is anything to go by, we can be assured that there isn’t going to be any ground-breaking changes to the design of the Surface Pro 9.

It will feature the staple and durable aluminum chassis. Also, the rumors suggest that the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 will come out with two different color variants – Platinum and Matte Black.

Besides that, there could be a few exclusive and quirky colors with the new Sapphire and Forest green colors. There will be differences in the Type cover designs too but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Also, it will feature the staple Surface design with the convertible hinge that allows the users to use it in different modes, depending on their accessibility.

Pricing and availability

Now, this is what most of the Microsoft enthusiasts are looking forward to.

When is the Surface Pro 9 coming out? Since there is a shortage of components, there could be a potential delay with the official launch.

However, we do have an upcoming Microsoft event happening on October 12, 2022. While the brand hasn’t exclusively said that they are going to announce or release the Surface Pro 9 at the event, the invites do mention “discussions surrounding devices”, which makes tech enthusiasts hopeful of a possible announcement.

As for the price point, we can be hopeful that Microsoft won’t deter from the standard price range they do for most of their Surface laptops. A starting range of $1,099 could be a possibility for the Surface Pro 9 too.

However, we’d have to wait for official news and information to confirm our suspicions.

Source: BLF

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