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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 rumors, release date, specs, price news

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Up to this point, Microsoft has kept the release date of its Surface Pro 8 obscure. But after postponement last year due to COIVD-19, it is likely that the release of the greatly anticipated 2-in-1 laptop/tablet device will come by the end of the year—making it two spins of the calendar since the last time the tech giant raised the curtain on a new generation of this particular device.

However, with computer chip shortages, continuing COVID-19 concerns and supply chain issues, analysts are saying that the wait could last until early 2022.

Latest updates on the Surface Pro 8 say that Microsoft is considering some changes, the most highly awaited of these being a hardware refresh—something that has not happened for the product since 2019.

The wait has been long, but many indicators point to the release of this device—that has come to build its user base among students and business users—to come in October or November of this year.

Surface Pro 8 Price Tag

Based on the pricing structure of the Surface Pro 7, Microsoft is estimated to value the most basic version of the Surface Pro 8 at $750-$800; and as more options are added, the price can be projected to rise upwards of $2,300.

Surface Pro 8 Spec Updates

The consensus remains that the Surface Pro 8 is not receiving any sort of an illustrious spec makeover. The main improvements that are expected to be made, according to Windows Latest, is that the new device will include a quad-core Intel 11th gen processor.

There are also rumors that the most basic model of the Surface Pro 8 will come with 8GB of RAM and offer options of up to 32GB.

Lastly, it is possible that Microsoft will increase the screen size of the Surface Pro 8 to a 13” 2880 x 1920-pixel panel. At this point, screen expansion is a matter of speculation, but many analysts find this update to be logical and likely.

Surface Pro 8 Design Updates

Similar to the alleged spec updates, the design and features news is purported to be unsubstantial. The main hope lies in skinnier bezels, something that Microsoft has developed in the past few years.

Other than that, the design features have been kept largely shrouded, leaving analysts, experts and amateur tech wizards to dream and wring hands over what they would like to see from the new Surface Pro.

On top of desiring narrower bezels, there have been proclamations of a need for a longer battery life, increased SSD and a keyboard that comes included with purchase of the convertible tablet.

There also have been leaks of far-out blueprints that include a solar powered back-panel. But these drawings—while causing great stir—carry little weight as to what will actually be featured in the upcoming generation.

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Surface Pro 8: What to Expect This Fall

The prevailing mood among those keeping up with the latest gossip surrounding the Surface Pro 8 is that its unveiling will not be revolutionary. At this point, the substance of headlines is that there is not much substance to speak of at all concerning the Surface Pro 8.

With the release of the Surface Pro 7+ earlier this year, many say that Microsoft has emptied its bag of updates, and will not be offering much this fall when the next generation finally enters this world of tech.

But, as with most things, the proof of the pudding comes not from theorizing and debating over its color, flavor or potential solar back panel, but from the eating of it. And this is something that can only be proved upon its release—ostensibly— this fall.

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