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Microsoft Surface Book 3 Review: The Best 2-in-1 Detachable Laptop

Microsoft is one of those tech brands that are known for their amazing devices beyond expectations. If you are someone who tends to have a hard time picking a good laptop for yourself, this is hands down the best option. The Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface Book 3Book 3 is a lot better than its predecessors and is a very premium notebook that comes with a detachable display that you can use as a tablet in case you are traveling and need something more portable.

The device is being categorized as a true powerhouse, which depicts the fact that your money is going into the right pockets if you are investing it on them. Given the fact that this device packs in some of the best features, it is of no doubt that people are raving about it ever since its launch.

In case you have been meaning to buy the Microsoft Surface Book 3 Review, we would suggest that you do take a look at the review that we have summed up for you.

Design and build

Microsoft has time and time been appreciated for their durable but lightweight devices and the Microsoft Surface Book 3 is the right example of its extension. In case you have been meaning to spend your money on a durable and robust device, this is hands down the best option. The combination of becoming a powerful tablet from a portable studio makes this a device worth spending your coins on.

Surface Book 3 design

The device is extremely lightweight and starts from 3.38 lbs, which is a lot lighter than some of the competitors that you would generally come across in the market. The best thing about this device however is the sleek and smooth design. The device has been manufactured from magnesium, which ensures enhanced durability beyond any words.

Surface Book 3 keyboard

The all silver body looks stunning and gives the device a very premium look that you wouldn’t regret splurging out some of your money on. The device does come with narrow bezels on the side but the same could have been a lot better in comparison, which is one of the many reasons why you might have some complaints.


If there is one feature about the new Surface Book 3 that stands out amidst them all, it is hands down the display. It comes in two variants of 13.5” and 15” touchscreen display that can be detached from the keyboard in case you are looking for something more handy and easy to carry around.

The combination of the Surface Pen and Surface Dial ensures to provide you with a very smooth and effortless experience in writing, drawing and navigating through the device.

display surface book 3

This is perfect for the content creators who have always been on the lookout for good and sturdy devices with crisp display for making their work come to life. It lets you create stunning designs and videos with a snap of the fingers, which is pretty awesome.

Other than that, the display of the device does detach completely to make it a standalone tablet, which is pretty awesome in case you want something easier to carry around. In case you are buying a laptop to suffice your gaming needs, we would suggest you opt for the 15” variant instead of the smaller one.

The Pixel Sense display with the screen resolution of up to 3240×2160 pixels is everything that you need for a smoother user experience unlike anything else. It also comes with 10 multi touch points, in case you were interested about the same.


The performance of the device is what helps you gain a better insight into the credibility of a device. It is powered by up to 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 quad core processor for enhanced credibility and powerful functions unlike anything else.

The processor is a lot more powerful and efficient and makes multitasking a lot easier for you to master. In case you have been on the lookout for something similar, we would suggest that you pick this up especially because of how powerful and efficient the processor is.

performance surface book 3

As for the GPU, the device is also equipped with up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti that comes with Max-Q Design w/6GB GDDR6 graphics memory. This allows you to create content smoother and have a clearer and crisp visual experience unlike anything else around.

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Another factor that escalates the performance of this device is the storage and memory options. The device comes with up to 2TB SSD for storage along with up to 32GB RAM for effortless management of all the applications that you are likely handling.

In case you work with creative sides of the industry and need a device that can support all the data and yet work effortlessly without stopping every two seconds, the Surface Book 3 is the best available option for that.

Battery life

Moving on from the performance of the device, the next thing that we need to discuss is hands down the battery life. This is something that makes the Surface Book 3 one of the best available options and all for the right reasons.

It lasts for a whopping 17.5 hours on typical device usage, which means that you have to charge it once in the day and it will more or less last you through the entire day.

In case you opt for the 13.5” variant, the battery life in that one is of 15.5 hours, which again is pretty amazing, hands down.

Accessory features

With all the main ones down, the last point we want to cover is all the other accessory features that you get with this device. The device is packed with a lot of sensors including the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and gyroscope, to name a few.

Surface Book 3 modes

The device runs on the Windows 10 Home operating system that allows smoother functions without any glitch at all.

It is also Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax compatible and comes with Bluetooth Wireless 5.0 technology for an even better user experience beyond imagination.

Final Verdict

With so many available models in the market, it goes without saying that the Microsoft Surface Book 3 stands out amidst them all. It packs in some of the latest features and functions that makes your life a lot easier and functional.

The device starts from $1,599.99 and comes in two variants of different display size. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

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