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Microsoft May Launch Redesigned Surface Book 4 on 22nd Sep Event

Following the host of speculations circulating around the sphere, rumors have it that the device is expected to be launched with some radical changes to the design and specifications, featuring premium quality functionalities like never expected.

surface book 4 mock-up by david breyer

With over a year since the release of Surface Laptop 3, it isn’t surprising that users are now looking forward to the eventual launch of the Surface Book 4. If the rumored speculations do turn out to be the real deal, chances are that the Surface Book 4 will be Microsoft’s best device till date.

However, even with the floating rumors, Microsoft has been extremely quiet about the possible release of the device. There are even chances that the device won’t be named Surface Book 4 and might feature a few other different kinds of specifications and designs as opposed to what the users are used to seeing in the standard Surface laptops.

Release Date Rumors

Even though there aren’t any kinds of concrete news about the device and the possible launch date, the users have now resorted to speculations.

If we follow the timelines for the previous Surface Book launches, we can expect the official release of the Surface Book 4 either in 2022 or 2023. However, there are rumors that this new addition to their flagship series might be officially unleashed in the event of September 22, 2021.

With the Windows 11 officially set to launch in the fall of 2021, the users are expecting that the brand could end up launching a new device to support the release of their new operating system. The beta version of Windows 11 has been rolled out for some users.

Besides the possibility of the launch of Surface Book 4, there are chances that the brand could very well come out with the much-awaited Surface Pro 8, however, everything at this point is a speculation.

Potential Redesign

Besides the rumors surrounding the release date, the consumers are also hearing about a potential redesign for the device. One of the biggest redesign functions that the Surface Book 4 could come with is the lack of a detachable screen, which was a given in all the previous Surface Book laptops.

surface book 4 patent

surface book 4 patent

surface book 4 patent

A filed patent by Microsoft emphasizes the integration of a hinge-like design that enables the users to mold the angles of the display according to the needs of the users.

surface book 4 mock-up by david breyer

Even a famous designer, David Beyer, took to his Twitter to share a few potential mock-up designs of the upcoming Surface Book 4 based on the patented designs by Microsoft. If the same turns out to be the case, this could very well be Microsoft’s best rendition, in terms of design.

surface book 4 mock-up by david breyer

However, users have come to the conclusion that if the Surface Book 4 does feature the patented hinge-mechanism, chances are that the device will feature a easier functionality but won’t work as a tablet anymore.

Rumored Specs

Although there is no clarity to the specifications of the upcoming Surface Book 4, the rumors suggest that the upcoming device is likely going to be powered by up to Intel Core i9-11900H processor with NVIDIA RTX mobile GPU.

Besides that, the device will also likely be integrated with 2TB SSD of storage and 64GB RAM for memory options. The device will also sport the upcoming and revamped Windows 11 operating system and will be available in two display variants – the 13.5” and 15” options.

Reports from Windows Central also suggests that the upcoming Surface Book will also feature a larger trackpad with a superior and dynamic refresh rate.

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