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Microsoft launches Surface Book 3 Starting at $1599

Microsoft is known for their unique launches, designs and functions. It goes without saying that every device that they come out with has something new in them for the users to look through. When the brand was designing the Surface Book 3, the one Microsoft Surface Book 3goal that they had was to create a device that is powerful as a desktop, versatile as a tablet and lightweight at the same time.

Surface Book 3 was hence developed and it is going to be a boon for every developer, designer or even any professionals in need of a highly optimizable laptop.

This is one of the most powerful launches by Microsoft till date, especially because it has 50% enhanced performance more than its precursor, the Surface Book 2. The device packs in 17.5 hours of average battery life with a single charge, which is nothing short of mind blowing.

The device comes in two variants, the 13.5-inch and the 15-inch variant. Both the devices have crisp, high-DPI PixelSense Display and a very comfortable trackpad to make your navigation through the device a lot easier and smooth.

Surface Book 3 modes

The combination of the latest 10th Gen i5/i7 Intel Core processors along with the NVIDIA GeForce Graphics makes this a very worthy option for your daily use. It provides with enhanced performance without any glitch to help creators work without any hassle.

The list of the amazing features and functions of the device doesn’t just stop there, the Surface Book 3 is also equipped with 32GB of RAM along with 2TB SSD of lightning fast storage unlike anything else.

Surface Book 3 design

The detachable touchscreen of the device can be taken out and used as a tablet, helping you especially when you are on the go and need to get things done as soon as possible. This immersive experience is not something you’d want to miss out on at all.

The large responsive trackpad and full keyboard also contribute to easy navigation and an even better user experience unlike anything else. The device also packs in USB-A and USB-C along with a full size SD card slot, in case you ever need one.

Surface Book 3 keyboard

The processors and performance of the device is so smooth that it allows you to play some of the heavy duty games at 1080p in a 60 frames per second speed, which is pretty amazing. Aside from the standard GPU, the device also comes with the option of NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 for the commercial users and the students in higher education institutions.

The Surface Book 3 is going to be available for purchase from May 21 at a starting price of $1,599.00 on the official website of Microsoft.

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