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Microsoft Launches $249 Surface Laptop SE to Streamline Education

Chromebooks have consistently been a front-runner for the majority of the students in the United States. They are accessible, affordable and not to mention, they are portable too.

microsoft launches surface laptop se

While Microsoft has been consistently trying to break into the market with previous launches, they have definitely managed to break down barriers with their latest $249 Microsoft Surface Laptop SE, posing as the truest Chromebook competitor.

The Surface Laptop SE is going to be sold exclusively to students and schools to support and streamline education. It is designed and integrated with the latest Windows 11 SE to further contribute to an immaculate performance and productivity throughout.

Windows 11 SE image

This new Student Edition Surface laptop from Microsoft is designed to compete with the much more mainstream Chromebooks that students use across.

The laptop features the exclusive Windows 11 SE functionalities with free access to Microsoft 365 for Education of the students. Not just for students, this laptop is going to also streamline the work and administrative infrastructure in the schools, helping out the IT admins manage and regulate their tasks extensively.

microsoft surface laptop se with windows 11 se

The unique trait to this laptop is the integrated and exclusive access to Windows 11 SE OS that is designed for the students with built-in web applications and features to support their learning journey. They are designed to help students learn essential skills that they need to grow and eventually prosper.

The integrated web-based Microsoft Edge apps in the device is further expected to streamline the learning experience of the students.

These include Google classroom and a host of Chrome web extensions. The Windows 11 SE is also developed with inclusivity in mind. This is to ensure that every student gets and enjoys equal opportunities for them to grow and develop into a better version of themselves.

The Surface Laptop SE is further equipped with a compact and portable 11.6” high resolution display with automatic brightness adjustment feature so students can read and learn from anywhere.

Pair that with the extensive 16 hours of battery life designed for the students to power through an entire day at school.

microsoft surface laptop se for students

Besides the integrated Windows 11 SE OS, the device is further backed with the latest Intel Celeron processor for an unmatched performance. The device is designed for students who are in the process of improving their technical skills.

So, features like zero-touch deployment, one-click device management and cloud security are integrated to make the user experience a lot easier to get through.

The slim and sleek design of this new Surface Laptop is designed to meet the hybrid learning experience of the students. The device is also integrated with a 720p HD camera for seamless video call experience with a digital mic and stereo audio speakers for enhanced voice clarity.

As for the ports and connectivity, students will be able to access a wide range of I/O ports, including USB-C, USB-A and even a headphone jack.

Pricing and Availability

The device is going to be officially launched in early 2022 in UK, US, Canada and Japan.

The price of the Surface Laptop SE with 4G RAM and 64GB storage will be priced at $249.00. The variant with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage will be priced at $329.00.

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