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Microsoft Is Testing Tabs For Notepad

Microsoft has been testing a wide availability of Tabs in the entire Windows 11 ecosystem and after introducing them in File Explorer, the Notepad app appears to be the next. A new leak indicates that the company is working on the feature internally and it may be available to the public soon.

Notepad Tabs

Microsoft is testing Notepad Tabs in an Unreleased version of the app

A tweet from a Microsoft Employee (which has now been taken down) shows a new version of the Notepad application using the new Tab format. There was also a “Confidential” warning stating “Don’t discuss or take screenshots” which is definitely the reason why the user had to take this off Twitter.

Notepad Tabs

The leak did give us a peak at what’s coming with Notepad in the future. However, that’s not why it’s important. The biggest advantage of having tabs on Notepad is going to be the ability to quickly note multiple sets of unformatted texts without having them on the exact same page. This should allow quicker productivity, reduced errors due to confusion, and better grouping.

Windows 11 is receiving multiple productivity improvements

While the beginning of Windows 11 was rough with support limitations and half-baked features, Microsoft has been smooth down the path. With the Windows 11 2022 (22H2) update, it now has finally started to shift its gears toward productivity. With some of these features already rolled out to the public, we’re going to get even bigger ones in 2023.

With everything that’s coming out, there are a few major ones that stand out right now. The company is testing an inbuilt screen recorder using the Windows Snipping Tool which should finally eliminate the need for a third-party screen recorder. It is also testing the ability to turn on/off your Smartphone’s Hotspot directly from your PC. There are also other features in testing like the Tablet-optimized Taskbar for 2-in-1s, Windows Studio Effect toggle integrated into the Quick settings, the ability to search running apps/processes in the Task Manager, etc., which should come in quite handy as well.

Microsoft is also improving animations and finally trying to make its Microsoft Store app library better, so alongside all the new features mentioned above, I’m hoping for a much improved Windows 11 experience in 2023.

Source: Windows Central

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