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Microsoft Finally Unveils the First Look and Feel at Windows 11 Operating System

Microsoft has finally introduced the much-awaited upgrade to their existing Windows 10 OS with the Windows 11, designed to meet the rising demands of the hybrid work lifestyle.

Windows 11 Panos-Panay

After the much-anticipated wait, Microsoft has finally introduced the new version to their Window OS, the Windows 11 Operating System.

The company has unveiled that they are expecting to make the official release in November during the holiday season, however, the existing users of the Windows 10 can upgrade to the Windows 11 operating system when the beta version rolls out.

Moving past their past claims of saying that the Windows 10 would be the last iteration, Microsoft had to go out and introduce a new upgrade with the Windows 11 including new features that support hybrid work lifestyle.

Panos Panay, the Chief Product Officer at Microsoft suggested that the Windows 11 includes a range of redesign and reformation that will provide the customers with the ultimate feeling of calm and superior performance. The company also wanted to make sure that their customers were experiencing the ultimate efficient behind the scenes.

Wondows 11 Start

Another new addition to the official press conference included saying that the Windows 11 will come with Android applications that the users would be able to use on the platform. From web widgets to consistent support from the Microsoft Team, the new upgrade will bring everything that the consumer could possibly think of.

Panay further reiterated saying that the web widgets for Windows 11 are all new, personalized and feature AI powered superior performance like you have never likely experienced before.

Windows 11 Hero Bloom Logo

Further reports suggest that the Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for the existing users and is likely going to be release in the fall of 2021. Also, it is only going to be available in the 64-bit variant. This means that the devices with the 32-bit processors won’t be able to update this new OS.

The new OS also comes with a few other mandatory updates. The TPM 2.0 modules are now necessary and also the Windows 10 users need to have a mandatory Microsoft account to be able to access the new upgrade.

The Windows 11 will also introduce a range of developer-centric improvements, including the introduction of the Windows Store soon. It will also support the UWP applications. The OS will integrate new tools to promote development of ARM64 applications natively on Windows.

Not just the developers, the new Windows 11 also has some amazing features for the gamers. They can enjoy the features like AutoHDR and Direct Support with multi-monitor connectivity and usage. Microsoft will integrate Teams directly to the Windows 11 upgrades, as we mentioned before.

However, we will have to wait for the official release to get more insights on the hybrid x86 performance or further details about the functions of the ARM CPUs. However, with the kind of initial inputs that we know, it is not even an understatement that the users are pretty stoked and excited about the release of the Windows 11 this year.

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