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MGA (MSI Gaming Arena) CS:GO Gaming Competition 2018

Does Counter-Strike: Global Offensive get your pulse racing like nothing else does, your every sense precise and alert in the gaming arena, ready to compete, ready to conquer? Then picture this: You competing in the MSI Gaming Arena on the main stage in no place else but New York. Taking home the MSI Gaming Arena Trophy. Earning the (wait for it) meatiest share of $60,000.

MGA (MSI Gaming Arena) CS GO Gaming Competition 2018

Heart thumping yet?

From Sept 28 to 30 this year, MSI and ESL One will be joining hands to organize the MSI Gaming Arena CS:GO circuit — straight to the Big Apple! In this global tournament where only the fittest can survive, four teams from all over the world will compete at the Grand Finals during ESL One New York. The finale will take place right on the main stage, and the excitement in the air will be so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Do You Have What It Takes?

The Big Apple beckons, but do you have it in you to make it to the big stage? The qualifiers are going to take place during July 21 to August 11 in the North American, European, CIS and APAC regions. At the end of the qualifiers, only ONE team from each region will take off to ESL One New York, FOUR teams in all.

Tournament Schedule:

Make sure you check the local time zone in your region to take part in the qualifier(s) and playoff.

  • Two open qualifiers – July 21 and July 28 – Top six teams will make it to the playoffs
  • Last chance qualifier – Aug 4 – Top two teams will make it to the playoffs (You can’t take part in this if you’ve already qualified for the playoffs)
  • One playoff – Aug 11 – Eight qualified teams, the best very gamers in your region. Only the top team will go to ESL One New York

Qualifier Details:

The 5on5 qualifiers will be played on 128 high-quality servers (integrated with CS:GO) with competitive map pool maps. And of course, ESL Anticheat is going to be active.

Travel Requirements:

If yours is the qualified team, your travel and accommodation in New York will be covered by MSI and ESL One.

Remember, the grand finals are in New York, so ensure you’re able to travel to and stay in the United States for the duration of Sept 27 to Oct 1.

If you reside outside the United States, check your passport and ensure it is valid for at least six months from September 2018. You will need a visa or a visa waiver for the United States and any other countries en route, as applicable. Check with your local government if in doubt. Do not sign up for the tournament unless you’re sure you’ll be able to attend, for what a waste that would be!

So, do you see your team up there, serenading the Big Apple and launching a global offensive to emerge victorious in the arena? Register your team to the MSI MGA right away, and we’ll be hoping to see you centre stage.

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