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Mark Gurman Shares Further Details About MacBook Pro with an Apple M1X and a mini-LED display

While the users have been looking forward to further launch details and other spec updates about the MacBook Pro with an Apple M1X, Mark Gurman further shared a few insights that have the users excited.

Ever since Apple announced their own silicon integrated MacBooks, the users have been in a constant frenzy asking about the next updates. True to their word, Apple has their next product lined up for launch, the MacBook Pro with an Apple M1X processor.

While the initial reports didn’t say much about the device or the chipset, Mark Gurman has a few insights worth sharing. He went on to update his follower base about the possible upcoming launch of MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16, something that every user has been looking forward to mastering.

This isn’t Gurman’s first rodeo since he was the one sharing initial details about the launch of the new MacBook Pro with his followers. Earlier this year, Gurman reported that Apple has planned to release new devices in the earlier months of 2021, especially during the summers.

Speculations thus suggest that Apple is likely going to launch the 14- and 16-inch variants of MacBook Pro first in 2021 before revamping the MacBook Pro 13 by early 2022.

Rumors has it that Apple is expected to launch the new MacBook Pro with an Apple M1X chipset between September and November. The devices have been codenamed as J314 and J316, the details of which have been reported back in April.

The mass production of these models will start happening in September, 2021 and they are expected to feature the much-awaited Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die processors. The devices are further backed with MagSafe charging, HDMI port and SD card slot for enhanced connectivity and data transfer.

Although reports has it that Apple was expected to launch the MacBook Pro devices in the beginning of 2021, things have fallen short due to technical issues. The delay in the production of the mini LED was what further prolonged the possible launch by three more months.

However, despite the delay, the users can be rest assured that a MacBook Pro with a mini-LED display and the M1X SoC with up to 10 CPU cores and 32 GPU cores is going to be released in the upcoming months to blow out all the competitors in the market.

Source: Mark Gurman Via Notebookcheck

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