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Make Way for the Dragon: MSI Launches 6 All-Rounder Series of Gaming Laptops

MSI, a computer manufacturer with a reputation for building sturdy and high-performing machines, just announced six new series of all-round laptops, designed especially for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts.

The new launches are powered by tenth-generation Intel Core i9 processors (Comet Lake H-series) and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics. MSI loyalists can experience the evolved devices in the Raider and Stealth series, as well as Creator, GP/GL Leopard, and GF Thin.

new msi 10th gen gaming laptops

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that MSI has truly revolutionized its portfolio. The most recent announcements comprise improvements not only in performance but also display, battery life, portability and aesthetics.

While the speedy i9 CPU with eight cores brings about a 50% performance boost (up to 5.3GHz), the RTX graphics card lets users enjoy real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced graphics.

Among the most prominent benefits of the latest Intel chip is more efficient multitasking and significantly better FPS in AAA titles.

GE66 RAIDER: Gaming in style

msi ge66 raider gaming laptop

With a 300Hz monitor and a keyboard that supports 16.8 million colors for an aurora lighting show, the new GE66 Raider is a fantastic surprise for gamers. It blends gorgeous aesthetics—a spaceship-like chassis—with the speed of an Intel Core i9 CPU.

The battery is more powerful at 99.9 watt-hours, delivering much better unplugged usage. This makes the computer suitable for those with a travel-intensive lifestyle.

GS66 STEALTH:  Optimal performance, sleeker build

msi gs66 stealth gaming laptop

One of the winners of the “Red Dot Design Award”, the evolved GS66 Stealth offers competent gaming with a good degree of mobility. It employs the MSI Cooler Boost Trinity+ cooling system which uses super-thin blades (0.1mm) for better airflow.

This brings a reassuring sustainability to the proceedings—a must-have for users who regularly use their laptops for intensive endeavors like gaming, 3D modeling and simulation.

MSI CREATOR 17: Tailor-made for content creation

msi creator 17 mini led laptop

Equipped with the upgraded CPU and GPU, the MSI CREATOR 17 is an excellent choice for content creators and editors. It includes a MINI LED display with DisplayHDR 1000 standards and terrific color accuracy.

The RTX graphics card simplifies pursuits like AI-acceleration and ultra-high quality video—essential tools in a content creator’s arsenal. The 4K display has a brightness of over 1,000 nits to ensure that all multimedia experiences are vivid and engaging.

In fact, the brightness is arguably at par with IPS and OLED screens. MSI has also announced upgraded models of the Creator 15M and 17M laptops.

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With multiple new launches under its belt, all of them infused with more processing power and fabulous visuals, the dragon seems ready to rule. While the evolution is centred on gaming devices, it also caters to creative professionals like video editors, animators, film-makers and photographers.

MSI already has an enviable reputation in the gaming marketplace, primarily for its commitment to durability and performance. The latest line-up of revolutionary laptops is likely to cement this reputation further, lending MSI an edge in a highly competitive landscape.

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