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Maingear, Schenker, and Eluktronics to Adapt Intel’s Very First White Label Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptops are growing in number with each passing day. More and more brands are coming up with their own variation and twists to the same and Intel decided to catch up with the trend. They finally announced their very first white label gaming laptop with the hopes that their chassis will be good enough to drive out the gaming laptop veterans in terms of design and performance.

maingear and intel design collaboration

The brand which is known for its powerful processors, which also recently launched their 10th generation core processors, is all set to give tough competition to brands like MSI, ASUS, Alienware, Clevo, Gigagbyte etc. which are the brands known for their amazing range of gaming laptops.

If you are an avid gamer and have tried and tested out majority of the high end brands, chances are that you will be a bit skeptical with this one. When it comes around to the laptop ODMs, Clevo is possibly the first brand that comes to people’s minds.

It is them who build the main element of the laptops which are then re-skinned and re-labelled to be sold out. Some of the prime examples for the same include Eurocom Sky series, Origin PC EON series and the Schenker XMG series as well.

In the IFA 2019 which was conducted from September 04th, 2019 at Berlin, Intel announced and unveiled the very first look into its own laptop design encouraging the resellers to simultaneously pick the same up.

Some of the claims that Intel has done with this new launch is to ensure to keep the laptop handy by ensuring them to be the lightest in the market. This will also be fully equipped to handle all the external and internal thermal issues that the laptop has with respect to the performance and productivity.

The top PC resellers which have already claimed their spots for using the Intel chassis include:

All of these three laptops are going to have standard features and design and nothing out of the box. It will have the similar 15.6” display that is customary with the Intel design. In addition to that, the laptops are also going to be imbibed with the combination of Core i7-9750H CPU and GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU to ensure seamless performance like no other.

In addition to everything, the laptop is also integrated with the best connectivity with the Wi-Fi 6 compatibility and the standard per-key RGB lit keyboard for that overall good and premium feeling like nothing else.

The limited edition of the Element model is already up for pre-orders for $2200 with claims that a standard model of the same is going to be launched very soon as well. The other two models by the other resellers haven’t been announced yet.

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