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List of All Laptops with Free Battlefield 2042 on Amazon

NVIDIA is Bundling Battlefield 2042 as a free addition on Purchase of Select GeForce RTX Desktops and Laptops

list of All laptops with free Battlefield 2042

If you are an advanced level gamer on the lookout to try out Battlefield 2042 from EA, now is the best time get your hands on them with purchase of NVIDIA GeForce RTX laptops and desktops.

Recent reports suggest that NVIDIA has teamed up with EA to bring their consumers the Battlefield 2042 bundle as a free addition to certain purchases of the RTX-powered PCs and laptops. The free copy of this game is going to enable the advanced gamers to get a taste of the game and how well DICE has done.

However, the free bundle is only available with the purchase of a few select NVIDIA GeForce RTX powered gaming laptops, desktops and graphics card.

List of All Laptops with Free Battlefield 2042 on Amazon

According to the report suggested by NVIDIA, the Battlefield 2042 will only be available with the purchase of devices or graphics card with the RTX 3070 GPU version and above. Any of the systems pre-programmed with these GPUs are eligible to claim their free copy of the game.

Not just the free bundle, the Battlefield 2042 is available with a slightly improved version of the game, which is going to have a better configuration and outlook than the actual version. The Battlefield 2042 is also backed with NVIDIA’s DLSS and Reflex.

If you pick out any of the bundles, the consumers are eligible to get their hands on the Battlefield 2042 Standard Edition with the early access and the beta version along with pre-order benefits.

About Battlefield 2042

The Battlefield 2042 has an official release date of October 22, 2021. This version of the game is effectively boasting the best in terms of storyline with the biggest maps in this game’s franchise. Not only does the game boast an immaculate design and structure, the game looks spectacular on PC, all thanks to the amazing partnership between DICE and EA.

Not only is the performance accelerated by the NVIDIA DLSS but comes with improved system latency with NVIDIA Reflex that give a competitive edge to every gamer.

The primary objective behind launching the bundles was to celebrate the collaboration between EA and NVIDIA being the official graphics partner for the game.

If you are considering getting the Battlefield 2042 RTX bundle, you need to head over to any of the purchasing retailers of NVIDIA and select the eligible device with the RTX GPU to get access to the free bundle. Once you get your hands on the system, you will receive digital codes that will enable you to get the Battlefield 2042 along with a range of other goodies.

For the users on the lookout for further details, you can always keep up with the same via geforce.com, which is NVIDIA’s official website. You can also follow the social media handles to get a better outlook on further updates concerning Battlefield 2042 and the allied launches made by NVIDIA in the future.

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