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LG launches Second Gen LG Ergo Monitors for Optimal Comfort

With the world shifting towards a hybrid work culture, more and more workers are now switching to monitors over laptops. LG is set to contribute to the transition with the Second Gen LG Ergo Monitors.

lg ergo monitor

LG is consistently working towards making their imprint in the electronics market with their latest innovations and the Second Gen LG Ergo Monitors is one of them. In their quest to break the boundaries of productivity and ergonomic work experience, the brand is all set to launch the Second Gen LG Ergo Monitors.

The LG Ergo series was first released a year back with a handful of products. Owing to the overwhelming response, it wasn’t even a question that the brand was going to further branch out and expand their portfolio.

lg ergo monitor

The new lineup with the Second Gen LG Ergo Monitors includes two monitors – the LG Ergo Dual and LG Ergo Single. Both of these are designed to offer maximum adjustability with easy installation and productivity experience of the users.

Following the launch of the first-generation launch with the Ergo series, the second-generation models are set to offer the consumers with superior value and versatility with different physical adjustability choices.

lg ergo monitor

Both the models are integrated with the vast array of functional specifications that offer effortless performance and user experience to the users. The height adjustable range is of 150 millimetres in the Ergo Dual and 130 millimetres in Ergo Single. They also feature a rotatable swivel.

The flexible and ergonomic design with the wide range of movement enables the users to meet the individual preferences in these 27-inch monitors. The LG Ergo Single features a 32-inch display, making this ideal for users who rely on a larger and expansive display to get their work done effortlessly.

lg ergo monitor

The good thing about these monitors is that they come with articulated arms that make the installation process a lot simpler. It requires very little desktop space, which means that you can keep your workstation a lot more organized and de-cluttered.

The design is further backed with the patent-pending C-clamp that introduces a seamless and robust design that enables users to securely clamp it to the desk or tabletop for easier installation and user experience.

The LG Ergo monitors supports laptop charging via USB Type-C cable and even supports the daisy chain prospect via the Display Port.

lg ergo monitor

Jang Ik-hwan, senior vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG highlighted on the upcoming launch saying that the second-generation Ergo monitors are advanced workstation solutions with superior display functions that are particularly designed for the ultimate flexibility of the consumers.

Both the upcoming Ergo Dual and Ergo Single offer the users with the next-level user experience with IPS picture quality and superior functions that make this stand out from the current competitors in the market.

Although the reports suggest that the new LG Ergo series monitors will start rolling out from October, there are no reports as to when exactly. The pricing hasn’t been disclosed yet too.

Source: LG News

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