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LG Gram 17 17Z990 Hands-off Review 2019

LG Gram 17 17Z990 is a beauty with purpose. This stylish notebook from LG is luxurious in appeal and is studded with strong features like sturdy processor, vast memory and etc. So, if you are the one of those looking for looks and functionality in your device, this laptop is certainly the right fit for your needs.

lg gram 17 17z990 review 2019

Amazing display

The display of LG Gram 17 17Z990 spans end-to-end and fits smartly in barely there bezel. The visual output is extraordinary in quality as LCD accentuates the quality of content appreciably. You can carry it anywhere as you don’t feel its weight at all. The makers have used highly resolved WQXGA 2560×1600 screen so that the content quality of the present times get the best platform.

display lg gram 17 17z990

The display is smart to look at and it occupies about 80% of the total body size. Measuring 43.1cm with 16:10 viewing angle, the display makes video calls more fun. You can include more people and have better participation. The user can also enjoy best visual quality of videos, games etc and have ultimate viewing experience.

CPU and Graphics Card

The laptop is provided with 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor 8565U which makes it ideal for multitasking. You can do rounds and rounds of computing of various kinds, as per the makers. It will never show signs of distress. Thus, your day will be embellished with accomplishments with LG Gram 17 17Z990 as you work support.

lg gram 17 17z990 8th gen processor

There is graphics card also provided for faster processing of graphics-intensive applications. The power of Intel UHD Graphics 620 will make the device ideal for faster downloading of images, videos and other stuff. Thus, you can download and save all types of documents, pictures, GIFs etc for later use.

Windows 10 OS

Your multitasking abilities will get awesome support of Windows 10 Home (64-bit). This operating system is advanced in all manners. It has a virtual assistant to help the user deal with mundane jobs. Thus, you are going to be more available in actual sense for the real jobs. The operating system of LG Gram 17 17Z990 is perfect for the news savvy, aware individuals and comes with a variety of features to keep the user updated in all possible ways, about various types of information they need for a productive day.


The DDR4 memory at the refresh rate of 2400 MHz is of 8 GB size and there is one Expansion Slot also provided in LG Gram 17 17Z990 to get things going more seamlessly. The 256 GB storage and expansion slot offer incredible amount of space to the user. So, there will be no hassles in saving all that is important for work, play and entertainment.


Another exciting feature that adds to its aesthetics and functional ease is its keyboard. This input device forms the important partner of the display. It reminds you of a desktop’s keyboard with its dedicated numeric keypad. But, adding to the vivaciousness of this device is the back-lit feature this keyboard is adorned with.

keyboard lg gram 17 17z990

Designed to help the user work in any kind of lighting conditions, the LG Gram 17 17Z990 supports working for extended hours in dark surroundings too. So, if you want a device to brush up that presentation during night without disturbing others in room, this device offers the solution. There is a sophisticated Touchpad also provided for fast and easy point and drag.

Other External Features

Webcam – There is an HD Webcam provided at the top of the display of LG Gram 17 17Z990. The user can click pictures, record videos and also connect through video calls using this webcam. It is strategically placed at the top of display to offer comfortable view to the user.

Audio & Sound

The LG Gram 17 17Z990  is provided with audio of HD quality. DTS & Headphone X add more to the engagement factor of audio. The Stereo speakers of 1.5 W power are 2 in number and are in-built.


A Lithium ion battery of 72Wh power is provided. It is tested for 20 hour run time. Thus, user can enjoy working in wire-free setting all the day long when the battery is charged to full.

lg gram 17 17z990

Ports and Slots

The sides of LG Gram 17 17Z990 are provided with a number of slots and ports. There is a ports lg gram 17 17z990 headphone out slot that allows better privacy while listening music and talking over video calls, 3 USB 3.1 ports for adding peripherals and also for faster data transfer, HDMI output for adding displays. There is a power cable slot also given.

The Micro-SD card slot offers extra storage space. RJ 45 Ethernet slot is also there to bring back the fun of faster data transfers. DC-in slot allows connecting it to a power source with the help of adapter that is included in packaging.

LG Gram 17 17Z990 Networking

LG Gram 17 17Z990 will connect to the web easily with the help of 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 allows connecting it to other devices around. The user will be able to connect it to all Bluetooth enabled compatible devices.

Military Grade Body

This laptop is sleek and stylish. It is available in snow white and dark silver colors which are unique military standard durability lg gram 17 17z990 and eye-catchy. The metal alloy body made of nano carbon and magnesium is ultra-lightweight measuring less than 1.5kgs. It is, thus, a beautiful arm candy worth carrying around to work.

This device comes with fingerprint ID sensor. There is DTS headset also included in the offering. It allows connecting in private with the work mates and friends, and to listen to music or see movies or videos in private.

LG Gram 17 17Z990, thus, is an amazing offering with perfect looks and great functional ease. It is provided with a plethora of features to make it quite relevant amongst the horde. The presence of these features does not add to the weight, however.

Available Soon on LG

Thus, LG Gram 17 17Z990 is a beautiful combination of looks and functionality, quality and convenience as well. It will hit the shelves in the month of January in 2019.

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