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Lenovo Legion Y730: For Ultimate Gaming Experience

Gaming is not restricted to PlayStation and Xbox anymore. Many of the laptop makers are rolling out products which can be useful as ultimate gaming tool; Lenovo legion Y730 is one of these.

lenovo legion y730

Sturdy Processor

Lenovo Legion Y730 is empowered with 8th Gen Intel Core mobile processors that spell speed. The processor is ideal for running graphics-intensive applications that are common as gaming applications. Whether you are a quality tester, or a debugger or a coder, or even all rolled into one, you can rely upon this PC for all sorts of gaming functions you are expected to do.

processor lenovo legion y730

Six-core and 12-threads architecture allows user assigning various tasks to this laptop without worrying about pushing it to extreme limits. With this laptop around, user is most likely to become the top-notch gaming expert that others can only dream of.

Seamless graphics support for nonstop play

You would never want you game to get interrupted especially when it is at the top heat. So, for such level of activity, you can easily rely upon Lenovo Legion Y730. This laptop boasts DirectX12 features supported by the finest graphics architecture available around.

graphics lenovo legion y730

The NVIDIA GTX series graphics processor is ultimate in performance and is designed to complement the action and excitement that gaming content brings on the screen. This graphics processor allows the user to have the latest of the games run on most advanced technologies and emerge better player than the rivals, all the time!

Powerhouse of energy from inside

The Lenovo Legion Y730 has its every inch planned and built to support the exciting features of the latest games. The user need not worry about the saving the games for later use as the memory up to 16GB strengthened with DDR4 technology allows seamless streaming directly from the web. Even if you want to enjoy the game while saving it for later use, the laptop does it without breaking a sweat.

The cooling mechanism, excellent placement of I/O components and storage capacity that never depletes keeps this laptop super cool when you are all charged up to beat the rivals and stay at the top in the Hall of Fame. The added storage of 1TB 7200 RPM and 2TB 5400 RPM allow you having an enviable repertoire of games that can keep you busy all through the day and after hours too.

Awesome keyboard for faster inputs

Lenovo Legion Y730 is a speedster in its internal architecture, undoubtedly. But, this is just one side of the coin. It is more exciting at exteriors with full-size keyboard that combines speed with accuracy. RGB backlighting makes this keyboard a charmer in looks and a great support in dark interiors.

awesome keyboard lenovo legion y730

1ms response time and six custom macro ‘Y’ keys brightens your chance as a winner as you will be doing the drill faster than all other competitors when playing on this laptop. There are about 16 million customizable color schemes provided in the keyboard to enable the user play wherever he is, literally.

A cool head rig for your gaming endeavors

What sets Lenovo Legion Y730 apart from other gaming laptops available around is its cool head personality. The laptop excels in CPU and GPU thermal optimization as its fanning system never allows the heat to build up. Play for hours and hours altogether and there will not be single noise from this laptop; such is its cooling mechanism.

cooling lenovo legion y730

So, you can play a battle that no one can know about as the device offers you complete privacy to enjoy playing without disturbing anybody. It does not need any break for cooling down as improved airflow and enhanced thermal vents keep the process going.

multimedia lenovo legion y730 Immersive multimedia

Gaming is unimaginable without light and sound. It is the quality of content of both audio and visual nature that sets one game apart from the other. So, why not have a laptop that can capture that uniqueness and display it took to the audience in its unaltered form? Simply bring on the board Lenovo Legion Y730 that come with sound radar to capture every single movement happening at the environment of the game.

The FPS experience reaches another level and helps you combat all the battles with added confidence as this laptop allows you to scan and sense all rivals’ activities with added clarity. Dolby Surround sound makes this laptop a perfect tool for high quality content that is brought by the gaming experts of the present times.

Expand your reach with better connectivity

Lenovo Legion Y730 is designed to allow the user bring multiple devices on board for that unmatched gaming experience. You can plug in all the devices you feel necessary for the gaming endeavors. One can choose to play on larger screen using HDMI port that connects the full size HD display to the laptop; making it easy for the user to do other things too.

connectivity lenovo legion y730

3.1 Gen 2 USB ports make this laptop compatible with all cool accessories like USB run speakers, headsets, projectors etc. Thus, your gaming fun can reach another level when you choose this laptop as your play partner.

Eye-catchy display

This laptop comes with a desktop-like display measuring 17.5”. Anti-glare, IPS technology and full HD quality make this display a perfect platform for witnessing the high action drama happening in the game of your choice. The display captures and presents every single detail of the content with added clarity and offers amazing support for winning FPS contests.

Battery – good but use it wisely

4-cell battery with 76WHr capacity is satisfactory, but may need recharging sooner due to high quality audio and visuals running on the laptop. So, if you are planning to play off the hook, this laptop may not allow you to have repeat plays. However, fast charging technology brings the laptop to 50% within half an hour and keeps the laptop available to you for endless gaming hours.

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So, this is what Lenovo Legion Y730 has been designed to deliver to complement the gaming expert in you. Book your laptop now if you are looking for a reliable tool to wield while making history breaking records at games of your choice.

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