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Lenovo Is All Set to Add Latest Laptops to Their ThinkPad Range

Lenovo recently announced the launch of new devices to their existing ThinkPad range, including redefined and redesigned X13 and X13 Yoga with enhanced aspect ratio. They have also introduced new devices from the ThinkPad T and L series.

These new devices are focused around flexible and mobile workstations, enabling users to experience flexible processor options along with discrete graphics for improved user experience like no other.

The tech brand has also added further improvements to the ThinkPad P14s and P15s, enabling users to experience the most out of the power and portability of the device. All the laptops have been improved and enhanced to better match with the business agility and enable a smoother shift towards enhanced cloud-based environments.

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All the new ThinkPad laptops are available in different configurations and in black and storm grey colors for the users to choose from. The devices also come with an option between the latest 11th Gen. Intel core processors of the AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile processors.

These devices are also backed with the much-needed ComputerVision Experiences (CVx) with enhanced security options like the Match-on Chip fingerprint reader. The unique feature in the Intel variants is the human presence detection sensor that enables zero-touch log-in using Windows Hello facial recognition.

Coming round to the devices that are introduced in the latest launch, we have a range of ThinkPads spanning across the T, P and L-series.

T series

The first in the list of enhancements include laptops from the T-series. All the new modifications have been made to further suit the customer needs and make the devices more approachable.

Thinkpad T14s Gen_2 Storm Grey
Thinkpad T14s Gen 2 Storm Grey

The ThinkPad T14 i is specifically designed for the healthcare professionals with an additional antimicrobial surface treatment for enhanced protection.

ThinkPad T14

The latest laptops in the T-series are also integrated with the fingerprint reader with RFID reader for enhanced privacy options that help keep the patient information confidential.

Thinkpad T15

All the latest devices, including ThinkPad T14s i, T14 i and T15 are powered by the 11th Gen. Intel Core vPro processor while the ThinkPad T14s and T14 are powered by the Ryzen 5000 mobile processors.


Next on the list of updates includes the ThinkPad X series. Lenovo has redesigned ThinkPad X13 and X13 Yoga to further enhance the overall performance and portability to the next level.

ThinkPad X13 Yoga G2

They are now equipped with 16:10 aspect ratio displays for crisp and enhanced visual experience.

ThinkPad X13 Gen 2

The ThinkPad X13 i and X13 Yoga are integrated with the Intel core processors while the ThinkPad X13 features the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 mobile processors for uninterrupted efficiency.


Another ThinkPad series that has experience a peak upgrade is with the devices in the ThinkPad L series. This range of devices is centered around affordable laptops with peak performance.

ThinkPad L14
ThinkPad L15 Gen 2 15-inch

The new devices in the L-series, include ThinkPad L14 i and L15 i, both powered by the 11th Gen. Intel Core vPro processors while the ThinkPad L14 and L15 are powered by the AMD Ryzen 5000 processor.


Lenovo has further enhanced and improved the concept of mobile workstations with the ThinkPad P14s, P14s i and P15s. All of these devices are introduced to further enhance more portability and offer enhanced flexibility to the users.

ThinkPad P15s Gen2

The devices are integrated with an option of the latest Intel core processor and the AMD Ryzen processor with a choice of Radeon graphics and the NVIDIA GPU.

ThinkPad P14s Gen 2

The devices in the P-series are also backed with the X-Rite factory color calibration, enabling you to experience out of the box balance between mobility and performance.

Pricing and Availability

Device Month of Availability Price
ThinkPad T14s i March 2021 $1,499
ThinkPad T14 i March 2021 $1,379
ThinkPad T15 March 2021 $1,379
ThinkPad T14 May 2021 $1,159
ThinkPad T14s May 2021 $1,279
ThinkPad X13 i March 2021 $1,299
ThinkPad X13 Yoga April 2021 $1,379
ThinkPad X13 May 2021 $1,139
ThinkPad L14 May 2021 $689
ThinkPad L15 May 2021 $689
ThinkPad P14s i March 2021 $1,389
ThinkPad P15s March 2021 $1,389

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