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Lenovo Introduces ThinkStation P620 Workstation; Comes with the latest AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Processor

ThinkStation P620

Lenovo recently announced the extension of their existing ThinkStation line-up with the new ThinkStation P620 workstation. The first of many, it is currently the only tier 1 professional workstation powered by the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Processor.

Besides boasting the single-socket performance, the ThinkStation P620 offers the users 25% improved performance compared to the predecessors.

The tower workstation also comes with the additional support of the new 24-core CPU option that translates well on the overall user performance, productivity and configurability.

With the world shifting more and more towards hybrid work environments, the users are consistently on the lookout for flexibility and comfort of working from home. Not having access to a powerful workstation is the primary point of concern.

Creators, gamers and artists are consistently looking for a workstation that supports complex tasks and workflows, including 3D rendering, simulations and visualizations all in one place.

The ThinkStation P620 was designed with all these requirements in mind. Not only does it allow the users to scale their performance and productivity, it also supports multi-threaded workflows without any delays in the process.

Besides the latest AMD processors, the professional workstation is also powered by the latest NVIDIA RTX A6000 graphics card and a combination of up to 1TB memory and 20TB storage. The workstation is backed by enterprise-level security and support for round the clock productivity and workflow experiences.

Users can also make the most out of the PCIe Gen 4 configuration with 2x L3 cache and increased clock speeds of up to 4.5GHz. Also, the Windows 11 OS support with 10GB built-in Ethernet further streamlines issues concerning connectivity like no other.

Besides the combined efforts of enhanced performance and the latest professional graphics performance, the P620 workstation also supports customer-driven performance with optimal innovation and manageability.

The best part about the P620 workstation is that it serves as an immaculate alternative to the dual-socket systems especially when it comes to handling tedious and demanding tasks like 3D animation, editing, compositing with superior clock speed like no other.

Thanks to the compatibility and versatility of the latest P620, users can connect it to a high-end monitor, internal hardware, etc. to seamlessly upgrade the existing graphics, memory and associated storage, further creating a high-power system.

ThinkStation P620 comes with a choice between 12 or 16 cores CPUs with heightened clock speeds of up to 4GHz that allows the users to run BIM applications faster and without any lags or delays in between. The workstation also supports CAD-intensive applications and processor-intensive CAE workflows, all of which are needed to validate concepts and contribute to superior productivity.

Integrated with responsive core counts and clock speeds, the P620 supports predictive modelling, simulations and data analysis, some of which are quintessential in the healthcare industry. Also, the seamless scaling between the CPU and GPU configurations in the system supports AI-based workflows with optimal speed and efficiency.

Not just for independent users, the ThinkStation P620 fits in seamlessly in IT environments after passing through Lenovo’s testing. The workstation is further backed with full ISV certification, ThinkStation Diagnostics 2.0 and the ThinkShield support with optimal Premier support and 3-year warranty.

All thanks to the revolutionary power, reliability and speed, the ThinkStation P620 offers unbeatable workflow and experiences for optimal computing power like never experienced before.

Pricing and Availability

The Lenovo ThinkStation P620 will be available for purchase by the end of March, 2022. There are no reports about the pricing yet.

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