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Lenovo Introduced New Line up of Mobile Workstations

The latest Future of Work and Digital Transformation report created by Lenovo found that 70% of the employees reported higher job satisfaction with better productivity while working from home. Basing their decisions on the reports, Lenovo wanted to come up with new devices that support the hybrid model of work life in the future.

Keeping the continuation of remote working in mind, Lenovo has further expanded their ThinkPad portfolio by introducing three new devices, including the ThinkPad P1, P15 and P17 devices.

All the devices are powered by the latest Intel and NVIDIA processors and PCIe Gen 4 SSDs. These mobile workstations are designed to enhance the productivity and churn maximum workflow.

All the three new devices from Lenovo’s workstation portfolio are ISV certified and tested to pass the MIL-spec standards when it comes to the durability of the devices.

ThinkPad P1 Gen 4

The ThinkPad P1 has been redesigned and upgraded to meet the demands of the remote workers who are looking for mobility and premium performance.

Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 4 mobile workstation 2021

Ideally designed for content creators, scientists and even product designers, this competitive laptop feature user experience improvements with patent-pending thermal designed for enhanced performance.

The device is integrated with the long-lasting 90WHr battery with a newly designed keyboard offering optimal comfort while typing. Also, thanks to the larger touchpad, navigation has never been easier.

lenovo thinkpad p1 gen 4 engineering

The ThinkPad P1 is also equipped with a high-quality 16-inch UHD+ display with narrow bezels and low blue light technology to protect your vision. The users will have a choice between the NVIDIA RTX A5000-level GPUs or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 and configure the machine to meet real-time AI rendering and superior performance like no other.

ThinkPad P15 and ThinkPad P17 Gen 2

Designed for more power, the ThinkPad P15 and ThinkPad P17 Gen 2 are two other mobile workstations that is going to revolutionize the facet of remote working.

These multipurpose devices are ideal to meet the work needs of engineers and designers to the developers who deal with heavy-duty applications to meet the demands of mixed reality simulations and heightened configurability.

Lenovo ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 Lifestyle
Lenovo ThinkPad P15 Gen 2

The ThinkPad P15 is equipped with s 15.6” UHD OLED display while the ThinkPad P17 features a 17.3” color calibrated display for enhanced clarity and to tackle multipurpose functions, all integrated in a portable package.

Both the devices are powered by the latest NVIDIA Studio validated GPUs. The devices under the Studio program offer calibration to the creative community to tackle mission-critical workflows without any delays or issues.

Revolutionizing the Future of Work

Workplace transformation is pushing more and more users to switch to more flexible solutions and these new devices from Lenovo are ideal. Reports from 83% of global IT decision-makers and management teams suggest that the post-pandemic work is going to rely more on remote work solutions.

The new additions with the mobile workstations in the ThinkPad series is further expected to streamline workflow, provide with a more professional display and dock and support the hybrid work environment.

Aside from the laptops, Lenovo has also come out with the P34w-20 desktop, and Thunderbolt 4 Workstation dock as well.

Pricing and Availability

The ThinkPad P1 Gen 4 is going to be available at a starting price of $2,099.00 from July, 2021.

The ThinkPad P15 Gen 2 is going to be available at a starting price of $1,749.00 from July, 2021.

The ThinkPad P17 Gen 2 is going to be available at a starting price of $1,779.00 from July, 2021.

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