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Lenovo Extends ThinkPad Portfolio with New Additions

Lenovo and their ThinkPad series is possibly the best that they have launched till date. Apart from some of the bestselling pieces, each and every model in the series has provided the users with an outstanding performance beyond comprehension.

Following that, Lenovo announced the addition of a few more models into the ThinkPad series with the T series, X series and the L series laptops to provide the users with more freedom and better interactive interface.

lenovo l13 yoga and l14
Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga and L14

All of these new additions have been crafted with the core tenet of leveraging design, innovation and performance. These devices have been designed to provide their customer base with a wider spectrum of choices with the inclusion of a smarter workforce experience.

Every single device has been integrated with some of the latest and emerging technological features to streamline the user experience to the finest. The one striking feature that stands out of them all is the integration of the AMD Ryzen PRO 4000 mobile processors in the device, making Lenovo the first vendor to do so.

lenovo thinkpad t14s
Lenovo ThinkPad T14s

These new ThinkPads have been designed to last. It also provides with enhanced end user experience imbibed with some of the latest technological breakthroughs. The inclusion of the one of a kind features aren’t limited to one but multiple factors.

The Modern Standby feature allows the device to stay in the “always on” mode, much like what you experience with a smartphone. This allows the users to have an always connected experience on a low power and consistent sync to keep the data protected.

lenovo thinkpad x13 yoga
Lenovo Thinkpad X13 Yoga

Another amazing feature that the users can experience with this is the combination of WiFi 6 and up to CAT 16 WWAN that ensures better connectivity without any glitches as such. It also cuts down the download time, further ensuring smoother productivity. Adding the WPA3 security to that ensures to keep your devices protected from any kinds of cyber threat.

The devices have also been integrated with the New unified communications function keys that further ensure rapid answer and hang up for the calls.

All of these new additions to the ThinkPad series have also been equipped with the amazing UHD, OLED and Dolby Vision display options which assure the user with seamless viewing experience without any glitches. The Dolby Audio speaker also keeps your audio needs in check without further complications.

The T series, X series and the L series laptops are also going to be integrated with the standard ThinkShield feature that assures the best kind of security without any confusion as such. The ThinkShutter webcam protection feature along with the prompt and efficient fingerprint reader further keeps the functions in check without any issues.

Every single model has also undergone the Mil-Spec testing to ensure the best quality control. These devices have been made to last and integrated with all the latest features as well.

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