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Lenovo Education Solutions Redefine Teaching and Learning with Latest Innovations

With the diverse range of launches that Lenovo has been indulging in all this while, it isn’t surprising that the brand introduced a new generation of laptops designed for education and then supported by a wide range of software and services.

Lenovo, under their Lenovo Education Solutions, have further introduced a new generation of laptops to further redefine the new age of teaching and learning. The brand is offering a range of new options, including a broad choice of Windows and Chromebook systems that are powered by the latest AMD and Intel processors.

All these new innovations have been designed and introduced to help the students and the teachers get better access to learning tools during remote learning experience. With over 1.5 billion students affected by the sudden closure of the schools, Lenovo is working to collaborate with the needs of the users to bring innovative learning solutions to both the students and the teachers alike.

Redefining the concept of Hybrid learning

All the new laptops by Lenovo are designed to withstand the rigours of remote learning. Given how important remote working and learning have becoming, students and teachers are looking for mobile devices for ease of learning round the clock.

Every device in this new range launch meets the MIL-SPEC 801H standard with a range of Lenovo’s education specifications with durable and flexible hinges, rubber bumpers and spill resistance to these devices.

Also, all these new devices are further integrated with a range of functional additions, including:

  • USB Type-C port
  • HDMI port
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6
  • Enhanced end-user privacy

New devices on the roll

With the basic introductions to these devices out the way, let us glance through some of the best available devices that are included in the latest release from Lenovo.

Gen 2 14-inch Lenovo 14w and 14e

  • Powered by AMD processors for Chromebooks
  • Available in two colors variants, 14w in Storm Black and 14e Chromebook in Storm Gray aluminum finish

3rd generation Lenovo 100

  • The Lenovo 100e, 300e and 500e Gen 3 feature a speckled design with grey finish with white dots.
  • The Lenovo 100w, 300w and 500w Gen 3 instead has a blue finish to introduce stark differences to the looks of the devices.
  • The Lenovo 500e is powered by the Intel Celeron N5100.
  • The Lenovo 500w is powered by the Intel Pentium N6000 processor.
  • The Lenovo 100e and 300e are powered by the AMD Ryzen processors for Chromebooks.
  • The Lenovo 100w and 300w are powered by AMD 3015e processors.

Monitors and Accessories

Aside from the new generation of laptops, Lenovo has also introduced monitors and accessories to further up the whole learning and teaching experience remotely.

The ThinkVision monitors offer a richer online classroom and learning experience for the students, enabling them to interact, collaborate and indulge in better understanding. The new ThinkVision T24t comes with touch capability on the 23.8 inches display and is integrated with USB Type-C connectivity for seamless docking and powering without any hassle as such.

The monitor is further designed with a flexible tilt range that reduces the risks of eye strain and gives this a more ergonomic design for comfortable viewing experience. Also, the monitor is backed with the Natural Low Blue Light eyecare technology certified with Eyesafe and TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort certification to reduce the harmful impacts of the Bluelight.

Aside from the monitor, Lenovo has also introduced a range of accessories in this recent launch, including the Lenovo VR Classroom 2 for an immersive learning experience for the students.

Details about the pricing and availability of all these new launches are mentioned on their official news outlet here.

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