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Lenovo and Ducati Continue Partnership with more Advanced Technologies

Lenovo and Ducati partnership

2021 was an amazing year for the Ducati Lenovo team following their win at the MotoGP Constructor’s World Title. Now, the team is more ready than before to introduce new technological reforms to elevate the overall performance.

Lenovo’s collaboration with Ducati started in 2018 and since then, the technology partnership has helped Ducati innovate and expand their overall on-track performance.

The input from Lenovo’s data analytics, AI-enabled technologies and smart collaboration offers better room for improvements for Ducati in terms of perfecting their simulations and real-time data analysis.

With 2022 in full gear, the first goal of the season is to complete the Remote Garage project. Under this, the engineers will get access to real-time data and be able to have direct communication between the garage and the bikes.

Lenovo and Ducati are also working in tandem to further improve and accelerate the video conferencing abilities around the headquarters. The primary aim is to ease collaboration between the virtual teams in both the companies.

Seamless Computing Power

Lenovo has consistently supported Ducati’s engineers in their innovation of various racing and street bikes since their initial collaboration in 2018. Besides performance, Lenovo’s technologies reflect in providing the best line of security as well.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530, SR630 and SR650 servers enable Ducati’s data analysis procedures for aerodynamics, fluid dynamics and stress tests.

These advanced technologies have also helped Ducati in obtaining all the necessary data and information in reduced computing time with heightened efficiency to run twice the simulations. These reflect on the track performance and enables the engineers to analyze the bike’s performance, based on the weather conditions outside.

Lenovo’s integrated technologies also reflect on improved security and contributes to high standards of data protection.

Pecco Bagnaia and Jack Miller

The ThinkSystem SE350 improves the connectivity and enables Ducati to keep track of real-time analytics. This small, versatile and portable device can function at just about any location at any given point of time. It can perform with equal efficiency even in the extreme weather conditions.

Collaboration, productivity and Mobility

Ducati and Lenovo’s collaboration also paved the way for the development of a virtual desktop infrastructure, which is used by over 250 departments in the organization. This reflects well on the overall productivity, allowing the users to connect from wherever they way.

The virtual desktops further simplify the IT management and the overall maintenance that reflects on business continuity and boost the data protection needs. The setup also streamlines collaboration between the Ducati designers and developer teams in real-time. This allows addressing concerns in the bike and rectifying them a lot easier with reduced production time.

The technicians at Ducati also leverage the Lenovo ThinkPad P1 mobile workstation to analyze the sensor data from their bikes. This allows them to study the lap statistics to optimize the overall bike’s performance.

On the flip side, Ducati’s top management professionals use the ThinkPad X1 Fold foldable PC for superior computing on the go. The designers, on the other hand, rely on ThinkPad P Series for directly access to design and development needs using the CAD software.

Enhanced Augmented Future

Ducati and Lenovo’s collaboration is going to prolong in the future as well. Both the companies have big plans for their upcoming projects, emphasizing the need for the advancing technologies.

They are working together to harness the benefits of AI, augmented reality and machine learning into the design, development and efficiency in the MotoGP. Being able to reproduce the bike and the individual components virtually is set to enhance the overall process of R&D and maintenance.

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