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Lenovo 300e Chromebook Review

Chromebook is the best midpoint that is achieved out of android and Windows/Mac. Lenovo 300e Chromebook is providing us with the unique features at an affordable rate. And this one is specially designed for modern youth and students. Chromebooks come with the Chrome OS. Unlike Windows or Mac, Chrome OS is the modified version of Chrome browser which looks like a Google.

Lenovo 300e ChromeBook Review

All the Google Chrome apps are pre-installed and not to mention, you can enjoy your access to the data on any device. Chromebook is highly cloud loving device. You don’t have to worry about any loss of your data. It is light, highly reliable and interface is easy to handle.


Here the article reviews why Lenovo 300e Chromebook is outperforming device for students:

Lenovo 300e Chromebook is Designed for Students Specially

Lenovo 300e Chromebook provides the fine quality technology which a user demands. It is specially designed for the students so that they can utilize it in their studies. It has a various unique and important features which can make the day of the buyer. It has 11.6 inches HD display so that you can stream the best quality of videos on it.

Keyboard Lenovo 300e ChromeBook

It has 10-point multi-touch feature generally for the modern youth as they have grown up interacting with technology by touching screens. The user can download Google play touch app and can enjoy whatever they do. It also provides 360-degree hinge so that one can position the display according to the requirement.

A Highly Versatile Device

It can be used in four ways, either as a laptop, tablet, tent, or stand. It depends upon the choice of the user how he uses it. It is so flexible that you can use it for various purposes. It has 2.1GHz MediaTek 8173C processor and runs on Chrome operating system.

All the necessary apps can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store and Google play store. Chrome web store contains thousands of education apps which can help students to study better. Chromebook is multitasking gadget so students can multitask using various windows at the same time.

Tested for Its Quality

The Lenovo 300e Chromebook is made up of tough rubber bumpers and reinforced parts so that it can absorb all the shock and pressure and hence chance of having damage is less. It has a full-sized keyboard with a sealed touchpad so that you can work efficiently.

10 hour battery life Lenovo 300e ChromeBook

The most important part about the Chromebook is that it has 10 hours of battery life, far more than other laptops. It can let you work for up to 10 hours without charging the battery. If you want to connect to the internet or any peripheral device than it provides you with USB-C port for powerful and fast connectivity.

Ports and Connectivity Lenovo 300e ChromeBook

In spite of connectivity, it can also charge your peripheral device. It has multiple features which makes it unique from other laptops. It also gives you 3.0 port, 2 x 2 AC Wi-fi, Bluetooth 4.0, an HDMI port, and an SD card reader which the basic requirement of every user.

Synchronizable and light as cloud for storage

Lenovo 300e Chromebook is a great gadget for the students as they can interact with their teachers and can create & share Docs, sheets, and slides very quickly. You can also use it for communication purpose as it supports video calling. You can also communicate through email and chat.

Google Classroom Lenovo 300e ChromeBook

It can help you in managing all your tasks, scheduling tests, reminders for your exams and also in completing homework. Teachers can also use it to run Google classroom which will help in keeping the classroom organized and also in improving the communication with students so that both teacher and students can enjoy teaching and studying respectively.

The use of paper, pen, and copies can be reduced using Google classroom as it is easy and fast to set up and free for schools. It can make the study easy and entertain the students.

It comes with the excellent features in the Price

  • Lenovo 300e Chromebook is best product for its price. The features that device configures is simply amazing.
  • It has a camera for video calling which supports 720p HD and comes with a microphone.
  • It has a memory of 4GB and storage of 32 GB which can help the user in storing some important data or files for future use.
  • The dimension of it is 11.49 x 8 x 0.83 inches.
  • It is lightweight and easily portable as it is just 3 lbs in weight.
  • It comes at a very affordable price as you just need to pay $269 for it.

Choosing Lenovo 300e Chromebook will be the smart choice

The way technology is advancing day by day, Chromebook can be a good move towards the study of the students. It is designed in such a way that it meets with all the needs and requirements of the student. Till now, the reviews of the Lenovo 300e Chromebook have received 8 ratings out of 10 from the authenticated buyers.

Avail your Lenovo 300e Chromebook now

If you also want to make your study easier and comfortable for you then Chromebook will help you in doing so. You can purchase the Chromebook online or at the shop. This offer is valid for the people residing in US only. One person can order up to 5 Laptops maximum. If you want one then you can order it from the official website of Lenovo.

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