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Lambda and Razer Collaborate to launch Lambda Tensorbook – a Device to Support Deep Learning

Lambda x RAZER Tensorbook Dark Mode Front

Lambda, the biggest and most popular deep learning company, has collaborated with tech giant Razer to launch their first collaboration – Lambda Tensorbook, the world’s most powerful laptop designed for deep learning.

The device is available in three customizable forms – base, standard and enterprise, starting at $3499.00. Also, the models are available in Linux and Lambda’s exclusive deep learning software to support consistent learning for the users.

With Lambda’s intel and Razer’s architecture, the Lambda Tensorbook features a sleek design and comes with Lambda GPU Cloud that supports training and deep learning tests using the available tools and computing resources.

Lambda x RAZER Tensorbook Side Profile

Ever since its inception in 2012, Lambda has posed itself as a frontrunner in some of the world’s leading research and engineering teams. Lambda is a quintessential part in top tech companies, universities and even in the federal departments.

From the GPU clusters to servers and workstations, Lambda has versatile grip across different industrial requirements.

Highlighting on their latest collaboration, Stephen Balaban, co-founder and CEO of Lambda says that the Machine Learning engineers currently lack a laptop that supports deep learning and comes with dedicated GPU. This gravely affects the development cycle.

The Razer x Lambda Tensorbook addresses the prevailing shortcomings in the deep-learning industry, especially for the engineers that are working with remote servers. The laptop comes with pre-installed PyTorch and TensorFlow that supports quick training and demoing of the models using the local GUI interface. ML engineers won’t have to worry about SSH in the future.

One Stop Deep Learning Experience

The Razer x Lambda Tensorbook is powered by the holistic software environment, including Ubuntu Linux with the Lambda Stack that supports working with excessive workloads from anywhere.

Beside Lambda’s computing environment, the Tensorbook also features Razer’s sleek and high-performance hardware with the latest NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU configuration for uninterrupted graphics performance like no other.

Lambda x RAZER Tensorbook Dark Mode Top

The laptop features a 100% compatibility with majority of the machine learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, cuDNN, CUDA.

Travis Furst, Head of Razer’s Laptop Division credits Razer’s innovation in creating highly functional laptops for both creators and gamers. Furst reports that was the driving factor behind the creation of Lambda Tensorbook to support deep learning system for the engineers.

Specifications of the Lambda Tensorbook

Besides the lightweight and durable construction, you can rejoice in some of the latest specifications in the Tensorbook.

The model is powered by the latest 12th Gen. Intel Core i7-11800H Processor with RTX 3080 GPU configuration for uninterrupted performance. Paired with the durable aluminum unibody chassis, the model weighs 4.4 lbs only.

Lambda x RAZER Tensorbook Rear View

Coming to the display, the Lambda Tensorbook is equipped with a 15.6” display panel with 1440p screen resolution and 165Hz refresh rate.

Lambda x RAZER Tensorbook Dark Mode

Moreover, the combination of 2TB SSD storage with 64GB memory supports immaculate data processing, further supporting the deep learning experience of the engineers. Both Razer and Lambda have now shied away from the I/O ports too as the model features the latest Thunderbolt 4.0, USB 3.2 and HDMI 2.1 ports.

Availability and Pricing

The base model of the new Lambda Tensorbook will start from $3499.99 and will be available for purchase at https://lambdalabs.com.

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