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Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform in 2022? [PS4, PC, Xbox, PS5]

fall guys cross-platform Battle royale games are a never-ending trend that keeps on giving. If you are on the lookout for a highly-lucrative and trendy games that are developed in this mode, Fall Guys deserves a first spot mention in the list.

There’s literally no doubt that Fall Guys is one of the most functional games available on the internet right now but is it cross-platform? What does this mean? It means that if you have an iPhone, can you play the game with a friend who owns an Android?

Is the same applicable for the PCs and consoles too? This is a very common question that most gamers have been on the lookout for. Over the years, Fall Guys has become a revolution, catering people with a very unique gaming experience.

In simpler words, this article will explore whether or not you call play Fall Guys across various platforms with your friends.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Mediatonic, a leading British game development company has been in the news for quite some time now. They are known for their portfolio of games, including that for mobile devices, consoles and PCs.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the latest games that has put Mediatonic back on the map. The game was initially launched for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 but was later expanded to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS5, etc.

If you are completely new to playing Fall Guys and don’t know how it goes, let us walk you through the basics first.

Fall Guys starts with 60 players who are left stranded on a field where their primary objective is to complete mini tasks. The variety of games will vary but each completed task comes with rewards.

Not only do you have to go through different tasks, you also need to be alert to avoid certain players in the game to succeed in the end. So, the game involves a lot of strategies that you are likely putting in the backseat.

But, one of the most common questions that most players have is enquiring whether Fall Guys is cross-platform or not. That’s exactly what we will discuss in the next sections in the article.

Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform in 2022?

Fall Guys is cross-platform in 2022, which means that you can play with your friends despite the kind of devices they are playing the game on.

Currently, Fall Guys is available on:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

So, if you and your friend are playing from any of these compatible devices, you should be able to play together without any issues.

What are the Benefits of Fall Guys being Cross-Platform?

Besides the fact that you get to enjoy the game with your friends across multiple platforms, Fall Guys being cross-platform has a variety of other benefits too, including:

  • Game developers have ensured that every player can play the game with their friends without any hassle.
  • Players can find new friends inside the game to enjoy.
  • Instead of being limited to a few gaming friends, the players can consistently play with a larger pool of people without getting bored.
  • It ensures people can engage in the game worldwide.

Is Fall Guys Cross-Platform?

is fall guys cross-platform?

Now that you have a fair idea of Fall Guys being cross-platform, let us check which platforms you can effortlessly play the game on and if there are any limitations you need to be wary of.

PC And PS4

Fall Guys is cross-platform for both PC And PS4. So, if you are playing the game on your PC and your friend is playing it on the PS4, you shouldn’t have any issue playing it together. All you need to do is download the games in the respective devices and then get started with it.

PC And Xbox One

Fall Guys is cross-platform across PC And Xbox One as well. Just ensure that you have the genuine version of the game downloaded to either of the devices, after which you can set up a match and play the game with your friends.

Xbox One And PS4

Again, Fall Guys is cross-platform for Xbox One and PS4 as well. So, if either one of your friends is playing on the Xbox One and you are on the PS4, you shouldn’t have a hard time playing it together. This cross-platform feature has made the game more accessible and easier for players to enjoy the game without any kinds of limitations.

Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

Not just your bigger and more pronounced gaming consoles, Fall Guys is cross-platform on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This has made it easier for the gamers to play with larger groups of people without any complications.

Android And iOS

But, what if we are playing the game on the mobile devices? Is Fall Guys cross-platform on Android and iOS? Surprisingly, Mediatonic has ensured the cross-platform for the mobile devices too. This also means that irrespective of the phone or tablet you are playing on, you shouldn’t have any issue at all.

Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

Last on the list is your beloved Xbox. And, as you guess it, Fall Guys is cross-platform on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S as well.


Fall Guys is no doubt one of the most fun, strategic and adventurous multiplayer game. But, everything is a tad bit better when you get to play with your friends. Keeping that in mind, the developers have made Fall Guys cross-platform across multiple gaming devices, making the game a lot more accessible for the gamers.

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