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Intel’s 12th Gen. “Alder Lake Mobile” Range Leaked

Intel Alder Lake mobile processor

The news about the upcoming release of the Alder Lake Mobile line-up from Intel is not the first time around. Intel’s new 12th Gen. processors are a new stack of product under their innovative Hybrid Technology that the brand has been working on for days now. Based off of ARM’s big.LITTLE approach to computing, the new processors are set to revolutionize the overall user experience to the next level.

While Intel has previously launched its Lakefield series based on that concept, the same is ideally designed for the ultra-low power devices and for the superior user experience they bring along.

Here’s what the leak further revealed about the upcoming 12th Gen. core processor line-up from Intel.

Alder Lake M

The leaked slide suggests that the 12th Gen. lineup from Intel is going to be subdivided into three primary categories with five different performance segments, each of them meant for different products around.

The Alder Lake M is the first one in the series and is going to be split into M5 and the U9 series, accounting to 5W and 9W respectively. This specific processor in the lineup will likely be integrated in the tablets and the ultra-thin laptops.

Further reports suggest that the Lake M will further feature 1 big core with 4 small cores, a very similar configuration to the existing Lakefield processor. The U9 processor, which is a superior option, will feature 2 big cores and 8 small cores, double than the predecessor.

Alder Lake P

Another addition to the lineup is the Alder Lake P, wherein the performance segment in this one will be divided into three segments of U15, U28, and H45. Amidst them, the U15 series is going to be embedded with 2 big cores and 8 small cores while the U28 segment is going to feature 6 big cores and 8 small cores.

All the three extensions will further include SKUs with 96 Graphics Execution Units. Reports suggest that the Alder Lake-H45 series is set to replace the existing Tiger Lake-H35. They are also going to be featured in the leading gaming laptops available in the market. The SKU features suggest that they will most likely be used without the integration of a discrete GPU.

Alder Lake S

The last slide in the leak discusses about the high-end performance segment with varying TDP up to 55W. Also named as the Muscle Segment, this is the beast in the lineup featuring up to 8 big cores and 8 small cores. Each of these SKUs included will be further integrated with 32 EUs, meaning that they are going to be specifically designed for the gaming devices with discrete GPU options.

The leak and possible future launch of this new lineup is a testament that Intel has a very good and detailed plan for their upcoming Hybrid-technology series.

Intel Alder Lake Mobile

The Alder series from Intel is going to feature high-performance big cores featuring the Golden Cove architecture and the small core functionalities based off of the Gracemont Cove architecture.

Not just laptops and tablets, Intel is also going to be introducing the Alder Lake processors for desktops with very similar configurations, depending on the overall segment.

Source: @9550pro via Videocardz

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