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Intel’s 12th Gen. Alder Lake CPUs Finally Available to Hardware Designers

The 12th Gen. Intel Alder Lake CPUs are finally being shipped out to the hardware designers and OEMs to be integrated into the series of upcoming laptops from multiple tech brands.

12th gen Intel Alder Lake P Laptop CPUs Core i7-12800h

The buzz surrounding the launch of Intel’s 12th Gen. Intel Alder Lake CPUs has been in full drive for the past few weeks. However, reports now suggest that the Alder Lake CPUs, which was initially launched for the desktops is now getting shipped to the hardware designed in the mobile version to be integrated into laptops.

Intel took to Twitter to confirm the news, suggesting that they have started shipping out the Alder Lake processors to the customers already. This suggests that the popular hardware companies will soon get their hands on the chipset and then start integrating them into the upcoming new models of laptops featuring the 12th Gen. Intel processor.

With the leaked benchmarks that have surfaced over the past few months, the Intel Alder Lake CPU is possibly the best one till date. It is designed with a multitude of performance enhancements compared to their previous generation chipsets.

The chipset features a hybrid design that integrates the combined power of the Golden Cove high-performance cores and Gracemont power-efficient cores.

According to current reports and rumors, the base model integrated with the Intel Alder Lake CPUs with feature a combination of two Golden Cove cores and eight Gracemont cores for the ultimate efficiency. However, similarly, the higher end models will be configured with six P-cores and eight E-cores.

When compared to the leading competitors in the market, the Alder Lake-S processor have already managed to outperform quite a few of them. Both in the single-core and multi-core performance from different benchmarks, it was found that the Alder Lake-P Core i7-12700H successful outperformed the latest AMD processor by 35% and 47% respectively.

Not just AMD, the reports of the Alder Lake-P Core 7-12700H also beat the latest Apple silicon, the M1 Max chipset by offering 50% faster performance.

Also, besides the staple Alder Lake-P Core 7-12700H, the 12th Gen. Intel processor under the Intel Lake-P series will also offer two more variants – i7-12800H and i9-12900HK. The latter is expected to break down all performance expectations beyond imagination.

With Apple switching to their own silicon and the steep market downfall for Intel, it looks like the introduction of the Intel Alder Lake CPUs could be the saving grace that puts them back on the map.

The reports suggest that the Intel Alder Lake-P processors will be officially launched at the CES event in January, 2022.

Source: Twitter via tom’s Hardware

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