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Intel Unison Will Allow iPhone and Android Users to Share Files, Make Calls, and More on Windows 11

Intel is finally trying to bridge the gap between Windows, iOS, and Android and it hopes the Intel Unison app will finally bring seamless cross-platform communication. The app will finally allow both Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android smartphone users to transfer files wirelessly to their Windows PCs.

Intel Unison

Intel Unison is coming soon to Intel-powered laptops

Intel will soon release Unison to its users and select Intel Evo powered laptops are getting it first. Although we don’t have a specific release date yet, we do know that with the initial release, Intel will push the software to a number of Evo laptops and slowly expand availability later on.

The company hasn’t specified hardware requirements just yet, but there shouldn’t be any massive needs for Unison. Maybe availability of good wireless options on your PC and a relatively modern Intel CPU. That means, after the initial Evo push is over, the app should be available soon on most of the Intel-powered Laptops and Desktops out there. My beliefs get stronger as the company also confirmed that users will later be able to download the app on their PCs.

The Features – File Transfer, Texting, Notifications, and Calling

It’s pretty clear that Intel is trying to bring an alternative to some of Apple’s ecosystem solutions which have been ahead of Windows for a long time.

Microsoft has its “Phone Link” app, but that never even came close to being as useful as Apple’s software magic. Also, thanks to the partnership with Samsung, the more advanced features are exclusive to their smartphones. I’m hoping Intel can slowly improve the situation with Unison.

Intel Unison

The app will finally allow Windows PCs to send and receive files from both iPhones and Android phones. Seamless file transfers have been a huge weakness of Windows while Apple solved this long ago with Airdrop. How much Intel can improve that situation, still needs to be seen, but at least it’s a start.

Users will also be able to Make Calls, Send Messages, Read their Notifications, and View their Smartphone Gallery directly through the app.

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Intel Unison

I won’t expect Intel to do any miracles with Unison at launch. However, this is finally an attempt to properly integrate Hardware with Software to make communicating with smartphones faster and more impactful, so I want to see what Intel and Microsoft can do here.

Intel Unison requires Windows 11 SV2 (aka Windows 11 22H2) while the smartphone application requires iOS 15 and Android 9 (or above) to run. Once available, users can easily link their phones to their Windows PCs and get started.

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