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Intel Next-Gen Xeon CPU Speculations – To Feature 10nm Emerald Rapids, 7nm Granite Rapids, and 5nm Diamond Rapids

Intel Sapphire Rapids SP Xeon CPU
Image Credit: CNET

Intel has been consistently working on improving their customer experience, connecting users with the next-gen CPU performance. Although Intel is yet to announce their roadmap surrounding the development, production and release of the upcoming next-gen Xeon CPU roadmap, rumors have started milling in.

TheNextPlatform has created a long list of possibilities surrounding the Xeon CPU line-up based on a range of hints and speculations dropped by the sources. However, just for precaution, we want to clarify that none of this is confirmed by Intel (yet!).

Intel Xeon CPU Family Generational Roadmap
Source: The Next Platform

The major breakthrough speculation about the upcoming future of the next-gen line-ups from Intel suggest that the Xeon CPU line-up with feature 10nm Emerald Rapids, 7nm Granite Rapids, and 5nm Diamond Rapids.

Intel Xeon CPU Family Generational IPC Uplift
Source: The Next Platform

Let us breakdown each one of these rumors and possibilities for a better insight.

Intel Sapphire Rapids-SP 4th gen Xeon CPU Family

A much-awaited breakthrough, the Intel Sapphire Rapids will be the first to include the multi-tile chiplet design. The SoC is also going to come with the much-awaited Golden Cove architecture, which was prevalent in the Alder Lake line-up.

Intel 7 Sapphire Rapids-SP

The Sapphire rapids will combine 56 cores and 112 threads with up to 350W TDP. When compared to their competitor AMD, their latest line-up of the Genoa processors combines 96 cores and 192 threads at up to 400W TDP.

So, the basic roundup suggests that AMD will lead the market and performance in terms of IO capabilities, cache size, higher DDR5 capacities, etc.

Also, the Sapphire Rapids-SP variant will come in two specific package variants, including the standard and the HBM configuration. It will also feature 10 EMIB interconnects, the entire package measuring at 4446mm2. Also, the four HBM2E memory packages will come with 8-Hi stacks with at least 16GB HBM2E memory per stack.

Intel Sapphire Rapids SP Xeon HBM2e CPU

The top SKU under the Sapphire variant will also offer up to “2.3 GHz base clocks, 4 TB of DDR5 memory capacity support, 80 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes, and a peak wattage of 350W,” as reported on TheNextPlatform.

Intel Emerald Rapids-SP 5th Gen Xeon CPU Family

Next on the line are the Emerald Rapids-SP and is expected to feature the mature “Intel 7” node, with a much higher efficiency. Unlike the previous variant, this one will feature the Raptor Cove core architecture that offer 5-10% IPC improvement.

Also, compared to the Sapphire chipset, the Emerald variant packs in 64 cores and 128 threads. The chipset will also feature “up to 2.6 GHz base clocks, 120 Mb of L3 cache, support for up to DDR5-5600 memory (up to 4 TB), and a slight increase in TDP to 375W,” as reported on TheNextPlatform.

Intel Sapphire Rapids SP Xeon CPU SKU Lineup

The comparative analysis with Sapphire Rapids suggests that the Emerald Rapids will feature 39.5% better performance with a 28.3% price increase. All of the improvements to the processing and efficiency will be via the Intel 7 (10ESF+) node.

Rumors suggest that the release of the Emerald Rapids-SP Xeon CPUs will clash with the release of AMD’s Zen 4C powered EPYC Bergamo chips.

Intel Granite Rapids-SP 6th Gen Xeon CPU Family

The third one in the line-up highlights the Granite Rapids-SP. This is where the users can witness and expect the “Bigger” changes to happen. The Granite Rapids-SP is based on the ‘Intel 4’ process node, however, there are a lot of speculations surrounding the same.

Intel Granite Rapids-SP 6th Gen Xeon CPU

Rumors also suggest that the Granite Rapids-SP will likely release between 2023-2024.

The Granite Rapids will feature the Redwood Cove core architecture. It will also come with the staple HBM packages with Rambo core packages, which is new for the Xeon line-up.

Another worthy mention about the Granite Rapids-SP as mentioned by TheNextPlatform is that the same will adopt the latest AVX-1024/FMA3 vector engines. This will assure superior and ground-breaking performance compared to the others. The same will also be a lot more compatible with the new ‘Mountain Stream’ platform.

Intel Diamond Rapids-SP 7th Gen Xeon CPU Family

Last on the list is the Diamond Rapids-SP and possibly the biggest trump card to beating their competitors, AMD. This chipset has a tentative release year in 2025 and will compete against the Zen 5 chipset.

Intel Sapphire Rapids SP Xeon CPU Architecture-Day-2021

The Diamone Rapids-SP is expected to feature the Lion Cove cores on the Intel 3 (5nm) process node. It is expected to support 144 cores and 288 threads. Also, the base clock speed will be up to 2.7GHz. Also, when it comes to the IPC improvements, the Diamond Rapids will serve 39% better performance as compared to the Granite Rapids. The overall performance can exponentially grow by 80% with a price hike by 40%.

The platform is going to come with “up to 128 PCIe Gen 6.0 lanes, DDR6-7200 memory support, and up to 288 MB of L3 cache,” as mentioned on TheNextPlatform.

All of these reports are speculations and are not confirmed by Intel officially. However, we’d recommend you take them with a grain of salt but keep your eyes peeled for future developments and official release dates.

Source: TheNextPlateform Via: Wccftech

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