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Intel Core i9-13980HX To Come With 24 Cores and 5.6GHz Boost Clock

Intel’s 13-gen Mobile CPUs are expected to arrive early next month with the H/HX, U, and P-series of chips releasing altogether this time around. However, a new report claims that the upcoming flagship Intel Core i9-13980HX is on track to become the fastest laptop CPU in the world.

Intel Core i9-13980HX

Intel Core i9-13980HX – Fastest Mobile CPU Incoming

The last-gen 12950HX didn’t make it to many laptops, but it was still an excellent CPU and capable of delivering some serious performance. It had 16 cores (8P+8E) and 24 threads with the performance cores maxing at 5GHz. The i9-13980HX will take things further with 24 cores (8P+16E, 32 threads) and a 5.6GHz boost frequency for the performance cores. That’s 600 MHz higher than its predecessor which should make a significant difference in performance.

Just like last-gen, the 13980HX and the 13900HX will also come with a 55W TDP while the 13900HK and the i7-13700H will spot the standard 45W TDP. The i9-13980HX will also spot a 36MB L3 cache while the i9-13900HK will spot a 24MB L3 cache. Intel’s 13th-gen Mobile chips will go head to head against AMD’s Dragon range of mobile CPUs, but those are expected to max out at 16 cores and 32 threads which may give Intel an advantage.

Intel 13th Gen Mobile CPUs and More To Arrive In January 2023

Intel is expected to announce its 13th Gen Raptor Lake Mobile CPU line-up on 3rd January during CES 2023. This will include the H/HX series, P-series, U-series, and more. We’ll also see a bunch of new laptops coming in rocking these new CPUs alongside AMD 7000 series CPUs, and we may even see NVIDIA 4000 series mobile and AMD 7000 mobile GPUs come out at the same time.

I’m expecting at least a few gaming laptops featuring the H/HX series and perhaps a few ultrabooks featuring the P-series and U-series of chips. What needs to be improved a lot for Raptor Lake is energy efficiency, because my experience with Alder Lake has been pretty bad in that department. I’ll have more to say once these CPUs finally come out.

Source: wccftech

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