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Intel Core i7-8750H Processor

They say true power emanates from within. It is the same with computers – the CPU or processor driving them determines the performance you can expect, the speed at which your computing tasks get fulfilled, and the efficiency of overall operations. One of the best processors in the marketplace today is the Intel Core i7-8750H that has been specially designed for high-performing notebooks and gaming laptops.

intel core i7-8750h processor

The 8750H is part of Intel’s Coffee Lake H-series processors and boasts of six cores, 12 threads, and 9MB of cache. It has been built using the industry-leading 14nm++ process which is one of the fastest high-performance architecture in these times. Let’s delve deeper and explore what you can expect from this processing champ.

The Core Count vs. Base Clock Speed Tradeoff

The Intel Core i7-8750H is a hexa-core processor of the eighth-generation. Both the core count and the thread count are higher than that of preceding CPUs. Intel has established the tradeoff by lowering the base clock speed to 2.2GHz (from, say, 2.8GHz in the i7-7700H). Even though the base clock speed is a tad lower, the CPU can perform up to a maximum of 4.1GHz. This is excellent for demanding tasks such as image editing, video encoding, and yes, high-adrenaline gaming sessions.

intel core i7-8750h cpu mark

Note: The specified TDP (Thermal Design Power) of this processor is 45 watts, and this makes it suitable only for computers with competent cooling solutions. Moreover, since you’ll typically be using this processing configuration for heavy-duty tasks, things can get slowed down if the heat dissipation isn’t efficient.

Supported Memory

With the i7-8750H, you get support for up to 64GB memory (DDR4-2666, LPDDR3-2133). The maximum memory bandwidth is 41.8GB/s. However, this CPU does not yet support ECC memory (Error-Correcting Code), so you cannot expect processor competence to detect internal data corruption.

Display & Graphics

In terms of graphics support, this Intel processor is topnotch. It is capable of running Intel UHD Graphics 630 at a maximum dynamic frequency of 1.10 GHz. The makers claim a graphics improvement with this processor; however, it remains a somewhat low-end solution, so the best you can expect is a distortion-free rendering of gaming imagery, possibly with some reduced details. (If gaming is your priority, consider investing in a good GPU and an optimal display with a 144Hz refresh rate.)

The 8750H comfortably supports high-resolution content up to 4096 x 2304. If you seek 4K output or support for OpenGL and DirectX, you will be pleased with what this processor brings to the table.

Aye or Nay?

So, is the Intel Core i7-8750H processor worth your while? It is undoubtedly a significant upgrade over its predecessor (i7-7700HQ) and delivers a substantial jump in performance. The difference is palpable when you perform grilling tasks such as video encoding and calculus, or immerse yourself in VR. Not only that, but this CPU also presents massive improvements in the chipset by offering support for Intel Optane, Speed Shift, and rapid wireless networking. If you plan on using your machine for multitasking-based, intensive endeavors, this processor upgrade will suit you to a T.

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