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iCloud For Web is Getting a Complete Redesign with Interactive Widgets

iCloud has always been one of the most important elements of the Apple Ecosystem and with the introduction of services like iCloud+, it has now also become one of the front-liners for online user privacy. While the iCloud experience has been getting better on Apple products, the company is now also revamping the iCloud Web experience with a complete redesign and new features.

iCloud Web
New iCloud For Web – Now in Beta

Redesigned iCloud for Web – Widgets, Customizations, and More!

The previous version of was rather simple with all the elements like Contacts, Photos, etc., located on the Home Page. From there, you can access all your data stored across all your apps, on iCloud. However, with the new redesign, the web version now shows previews of your files and photos from different apps. You can also access all apps and other iCloud features from the top right of the home page.

To be more specific, the updated design brings iOS/iPadOS-style interactive Widgets to the iCloud Home Page. Currently, it shows the Drive, Notes, Photos, and Calendar widgets by default alongside one with a collection of all the apps.

However, you can customize the Homescreen yourself by adding, removing, and reorganizing the Widgets. The customizations work similarly to how they function on an iPhone or iPad, but for now you cannot stack widgets on top of each other.

iCloud Web

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It also shows your account information near the top left alongside your current plan, available storage, and data recovery options at the bottom of the page. The new design is currently in beta, but you can go to and play around with it.

Apple has been focusing on aesthetics a lot lately and with useful changes coming everywhere from the lock screen of your iPhone to the web version of iCloud, it’s a win for the users. Even if you don’t use a Mac, you can now open iCloud on a web browser in Windows and get a much better experience.

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