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HUAWEI Honor MagicBook Laptop Review

If you have been searching for a reasonably priced, multi-purpose laptop that helps you with day-to-day computing tasks and also doubles up as an entertainment partner, it is a good idea to consider laptops with AMD processors. Smartly employing the cost-effective but efficient processing of an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor and Radeon Vega 8 integrated graphics is the 14” HUAWEI Honor MagicBook.

huawei honor magicbook laptop review

At a price of $699.99, this computer delivers quite a lot of, well, magic: up to 256GB of SSD storage, improved Microsoft Office performance, a thin bezel design, and feather-light weight of 1.45Kg. So, does this MagicBook hold water against other sleek and mobile contemporaries in the marketplace?

The Processing Game: Power & Efficiency

Since this laptop is fueled by an AMD processor (four-cored, boost up to 3.6GHz) and 8GB RAM (DDR4), you can expect powerful performance and good speed. AMD processors are especially performance huawei honor magicbook laptop known for their expertise at multitasking, and this gets enhanced by the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (Chinese).

The OS is both productive and user-friendly, letting you complete tasks such as checking e-mail, browsing the internet, and working on documents and presentations with charming ease. Microsoft Genuine Office Home and Student Edition (2016) come pre-installed with the laptop. Note that while the storage space of 256GB is quite adequate for plenty of photos and videos, the laptop does not support memory extension.

In terms of battery backup, the outlook is comforting. The lithium-polymer battery (57.4Wh) can support video playback for up to seven hours. Moreover, charging it back up is also swift: the adapter can power up your laptop to 40% in only 30 minutes. Deep within is a smart power-saving technology that prolongs the overall battery life.

Interestingly, the processor is not only powerful and power-efficient but also sustainable. The innards of your machine remain cool with a two-pronged cooling mechanism. Custom-made fans create a canyon-effect, dissipating heat effectively from a concealed outlet. It turns out to be both comfortable and dependable to use your laptop for long hours without things getting hot and sweaty.

Specs of HUAWEI Honor MagicBook
Processor 2.0GHz AMD Ryzen 5 2500U
Graphics Radeon Vega 8
Storage 256GB SSD
Display 14″ Full-HD

Display & Graphics

This MagicBook offers a full High-Definition display, a thin bezel design (5.2mm), and an aspect ratio of display and keyboard huawei honor magicbook 81%, creating a life-like viewing experience. The Radeon Vega graphics render accurate coloring and attractive brightness on a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The imagery is pleasant whether you’re streaming content online or browsing through photographic memories. (If you’re worried about gaming support, well, the MagicBook isn’t designed to be a gaming computer. But it does support a casual amount of gameplay.)

To connect to a higher-resolution display, you can conveniently use the HDMI port. The computer supports all kinds of external displays: projectors, televisions, monitors. The HDMI also makes it simpler to collaborate with people around you, say when you need to share your screen or present an idea to them.

That said, the highlight of the display isn’t the dazzle of colors and light; it is the intuitive eye-care. You get the joy of an anti-glare screen that reduces reflection to a bare minimum. You can also avail of a unique “eye protection mode” that filters blue light to protect your eyes during long hours of work.

The Sound Machine: Auditory Bliss

It won’t be an overstatement to label this computer a sound machine as it is fitted with four powerful speakers, all of them powered by Dolby Atmos. There is also a double woofer, a deeper bass, and fine-tuned frequency-division. The output is genuine surround sound, elevating your experiences of watching movies or listening to music. As HUAWEI claims, it indeed seems as if the sound comes from the very place it is produced—real and immersive.

Convenience & Ease of Use

It is fascinating to behold this computer and realize exactly how sleek and lightweight it is. A thickness of 0.62” and weight of 1.45kg make it astonishingly easy to carry the laptop along with you to the classroom, office or vacations. Its silver chassis and classy build lend it quite a stylish appeal.

One of the highlights of the MagicBook is its support for fingerprint recognition. This translates into an added layer of security which is great for mobile devices.

sleek and lightweight huawei honor magicbook

Note that this isn’t a touchscreen laptop. You’ll have to rely on the keypad which, by the by, is quite responsive and smooth. The keyboard is full-purpose and backlit too, letting you work in conditions of low-lighting. You can adjust the lighting across three levels—a feature that proves to be useful as you get about your day, moving from bright sunlight to a dark workroom. Another bonus: splash prevention! Let the coffees and other beverages of choice flow free as you trudge on!

Wireless Connectivity & Device Support

To let you plug in to your devices and peripherals, the MagicBook is fitted with one USB 3.0 port and one USB 2.0 port. Wireless connectivity is facilitated by 802.11 ac Wi-Fi (dual-band) and Bluetooth 4.1.

Another provision to let you stay connected is the 1.0MP front camera. The video-calling experience is smooth and clear. Especially lovely, however, is the “Magic-Link” between your laptop and smartphone. If you have an Honor mobile phone, you can transfer data in one click at thunderous speeds. There is something supremely convenient about data transfer without networks, cables or seemingly endless wait periods.

The Verdict

All in all, the HUAWEI Honor MagicBook successfully channels the complete power of an AMD processor with integrated graphics, delivering both commendable performance and great viewing experiences at an affordable price range. It packs in extended battery life, power efficiency, high-quality sound, and ample connectivity options.

If you’re looking for a laptop for the classroom or work, you will particularly love the inbuilt Microsoft Office. The best part is that these features are packaged in an ultra-light, ultra-thin computer that is no hassle at all to carry along in a backpack. This has to be one of HUAWEI’s most multifaceted, performance-oriented offerings.

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