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HP Stream 11-y010nr Laptop: The Good and The Bad

The HP Stream 11’s operating system is the Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit and is a relatively good computer device that offers a friendly user experience at a very affordable price. It comes in either purple or bright blue both of which are very vibrant colors and a preferred choice for consumers who like something different from the normal black devices. For a device that goes for $200 we are quite surprised at how well the device functions and the great features it has to offer.

HP Stream 11- y010nr Laptop Review

Features and Specifications

One of the great features of this device is that it has a strong framework, its lid has horizontal grooves with rounded corners all of which make the device one that is good to travel with and that can withstand the life of a college student. Also to support this is the fact that it weighs 2.56 pounds (1.16 kgs)

HP Stream 11- y010nr specs

The devices offers a loft of connectivity options, on the left side, it has a combo audio, a microphone jack, a USB 2.0 port and a Kensington lock slot. On the right side, it has a HDMI connector, MicroSD slot and a power connector.

HP Stream 11- y010nr specs 2

Screen Display and Audio

The HP Stream 11 comes with a 11 inch full HD screen that has a 1366*768 display screen resolution. However, this HP device is a bit off on the viewing angles with some especially anything above 45 degrees causing the color to appear dull and washed out.  In bright lighting, one is bound to see various reflections on the screen and for these reasons, the device is not the best for anyone who likes to view media on their devices. This is perhaps one of the major cons of the device but with the price it comes at, this is a small thing to overlook since it still functions well with other applications such as word and Google.

Its audio capabilities are however a feature to die for. Its speakers are located at the bottom front of the device but even so, you will enjoy loud volume from the device even when it is lying flat on a surface. It also has a DTS Studio Sound dashboard that will allow you to customize your audio by sound type.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard on this HP device is quite solid with its large white keys that are well spaced and raised to offer a good flow when typing. It is however good to note that the bottom edge of the keyboard is a bit sharp and could be uncomfortable for a person who pushes down their wrist while typing.

The touchpad is conveniently located at the down on the side bar and it is well spaced.

HP Stream 11 Battery Life

HP Stream 11 device has a 37.69 WHr Lithium-Ion, 2-cell. The battery has a decent run time of up to about 8 hours 20 minutes.

Memory and Storage

HP Stream 11 is a bit limited on space. It comes with an internal storage of 32 GB which uses a relatively slow e-MMC interface. This space is a bit limiting as it can only accommodate a handful of files alongside the Windows app and the RAM has a capacity of 4 GB. With the USB ports and MicroSD slot, one has the option of adding their own external storage. This however is not a convenient option especially in the case where you would like to download an additional app.

Performance of HP Stream 11 

The device is run by a 1.6 GHz or a 2.16 GHz Turbo Intel Celeron N3060 processor with Intel 400 HD Graphics but the device is generally slower. As much as it can perform most of the functions of a computer device, the HP Stream 11 is often seen to stutter when overloaded thanks to the 4GB RAM of the device. When multitasking, you will notice the cursor will start to lag.

Other features

The HP Stream device does not have a fan hence very quiet unlike other devices. This however is not good news altogether since the device tends to overheat at some point especially on the bottom right side only after a short period of use.

HP Stream 11- y010nr Laptop backside

The laptop has a front facing VGA webcam that is pretty good. When you take a picture with the camera you will realize that it captures all the details only that you will have to be at a distant so as to be within the range of the camera lens.

In Conclusion

Ever since launching of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) company in 1935, the technology firm has continually been producing new technologies over the years and it is among the top technology sellers in the world. In its range of devices includes personal computer devices, storage devices and a wide range of printers and other imaging products.

HP had for a long time been the top manufacturer in the market but recently they were overtaken with another similar technology company which also invested in the smartphone technology. The best thing about HP products is that they are designed to perfection and therefore it is rare to find any bad reviews about their products.

The HP Stream 11 just proves that a computer device can handle the basic functions without any qualms. Though this device cannot be categorized as being among the powerhouses, it has been seen to be able to perform the basics such as word processing, web browsing and any other light work and it is most suitable for students.

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